Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern: Week 12

Confessions of a #SmartWorking Intern: Week 12

19th October 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Me and Shivtej are back this week with our new intern Lilian! Don’t miss our newest adventures on this week’s #SmartWorking diary


Hi guys! Today marks one month since Shivtej started our internship in Abodoo. I feel like it was a good week to celebrate it and personally it felt really special.

Abodoo helps eliminating bias from the hiring process, so we were focused on creating content to promote the importance of diversity. We decided to start a series and on Wednesday it was published our first one, on unconscious bias.

Diversity and inclusion are topics very close to my heart. My eyes sparkled when we had to come up with ideas and also while I was writing it. I had such a great time and things got even better. We published and shared in our social media and I got really good feedback from the team and even from my LinkedIn network.  I wrote about something I’m passionate about and people loved it. It’s priceless.

On Tuesday we spent the day at Iconic Offices. We were focused on two initiatives launched by Abodoo to support the regeneration of rural towns, CoWorking Hubs and Smart Villages. Later that day we met our new intern Lilian, who will help us on research and supporting Smart Villages campaign. She is really nice and we’re so happy she joined us! And finally we took a proper picture the three of us.

I think that’s it for the week! I hope you have a lovely weekend 🙂


Good morning all,

This week was really exciting for me as I received some really good news.

First of all, my marks were way better than I expected. Yesterday I went to an Indian Festival called Dusherra with my flatmate. It can be tough to celebrate home festivals when you are in a different country. But I always wanted to live this experience and the celebration feels completely different.

On the other hand, it seems winter has begun. Days are getting colder and I am not a big fan of cold weather. I definitely prefer not to go out and stay at home.

With #SmartWorking I can do both. I worked from home during the cold days and I organised my week so I could attend the festival. I am enjoying this working style way more. I have only good things to say about my previous employment but #SmartWork is the cherry on the cake.

I love sharing my experiences in Ireland and next week I’ll be writing about nightlife in Dublin. Keep in touch and don’t forget to read our daily updates. See you next week!


Hi everyone!

This week was fantastic. The more I learn about Abodoo, the more excited I get about the opportunity of joining the team! The future of our world is definitely #SmartWorking. It enables us to cut daily commute and give employers and employees so many benefits.

This weekend I’ll dedicate for studies and research so I can engage myself and learn everything I can about Abodoo. Next week I plan to attend the Zoom calls to share my ideas.

Bye guys and have a nice weekend!