A Commute From Hell

A Commute From Hell

6th February 2018 Off By Sue Marshall

One of the lesser mentioned benefits of employing remote workers is reduced sickness and absence.  If you’re under the weather the temptation to call in sick is vastly reduced when you don’t have the commute to face.  It’s much easier to soldier on when you can take regular breaks, keep yourself medicated and hydrated and catch up when you’re feeling yourself again.

This is a story from one of our users.

A Commute From Hell

I wasn’t sure whether to post this particular one (as I have many) and if you’re eating lunch then perhaps park this post to read later.

At the time I had a real LONG commute – travelling 375 miles to Hartlepool each week and then back again.  I’d had a lovely weekend – culminating in dinner for my birthday at a seafood restaurant and was looking forward to the week ahead if not the journey.

I set off bright and early on the Monday, when all sane people were sleeping, for the drive to the office not quite feeling myself but putting that down to dark mornings and early rising.  I briefly considered calling the office but had client meetings from noon that day and really couldn’t put them off.

I pootled along stopping once on the way and as the hours passed I reached the A1 where a contraflow was in place.  It was at this point that I felt really unwell but was unable to stop the car.. The inevitable happened and I was quite literally as sick as a dog.  It was raining, blowing a gale, freezing and still relatively dark.  I was in a real state and still unable to stop due to the single file rush hour traffic.   I tried desperately to see out of the windscreen and opened up the window to let in some much needed air which resulted in a soaking to boot.   Dejected and feeling sorry for myself I continued on until I came to a McDonald’s.  I went through the Drive -Thru, and ordered 3 bottles of water and asked for some napkins… the poor chap gave me just one!  I requested more and slunk off to the car park to wash down in the wind and rain and try to clean up the car and myself..

I finally reached the office looking like I had been dragged through a (soaking) hedge before admitting defeat and going to the apartment to clean up, freshen up and lie down.. and call a car valeting company to come sort out my car!

Not one of my finest moments and definitely a Commute From Hell. If only I’d be able to work remotely that day!

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