Chapter 3: ‘Goodbye Office – Hello Home’

Chapter 3: ‘Goodbye Office – Hello Home’

3rd August 2018 Off By Guest Blogger

So little did I know at the time, but 2012 was going to be a year of immense change for me.

Greetings from sunny California btw! Oaklands to be specific just overlooking the SF Bay area which is such a beautiful place. It’s also made me realise that being here and able to blog & write for Abodoo’s audience is just another great example of the benefits of smart working. Zero limitations with maximum benefit.

If you’ve been following my story over the last weeks, you’ll know I had just started my introduction to smart working with an exciting Irish tech start up in Cork (called Pubble). However if you’ve missed my posts, maybe take a peek at them now to get yourself up to speed with Chapter 1: My Journey to Smart Working and Chapter 2: My Change to Smart Working.

How’s your broadband?!

At the time, it was pretty decent actually. Looking back now, at a guess it was about the 7Mbps range ish (UPC were pretty good at the time). This clearly was the catalyst.

Let’s be honest, no broadband or crap speeds kills the concept of smart working. Today our speeds are generally sufficient enough to guarantee minimal interruptions – or at least none more so that any office might experience.

This was the door of new opportunity and working experience which I was completely unaware of when in the Pensions game.

Family Decisions

We were due our first baby in May 2012. Mia arrived and said hi to the world on the 8th May 2012 and I’ll never forget it. Emotions flying everywhere – simply the most amazing experience ever.

A few months prior we had made the huge decision to leave Cork after nearly 5 years and move back to Dublin for many reasons (mainly family members for babysitting duty) but it asked a huge question of my employers. Were they comfortable? Or was this the start of me searching for a new role?

Smart Working for Real

Thankfully the lads were champions and 100% on board. They couldn’t have been more supportive & understanding and so my transition from the rigid structure of the finance game to the slightly more understanding & liberal game of a tech startup began. I’m delighted to say that we’re still friends to this day.

Dublin Living

Welcome to the reality sunshine. Smaller size living quarters with higher prices – that’s the only negative in my story. The place was perfect for us. Our new family. Me, my partner Mel (now my wife) and our brand new baby (who now has a sister!) plus the ability to work freely. Jackpot.  

The ability to relocate while maintaining my much loved (and to this day, much missed) role was phenomenal. The ability to work smarter from home allowed me to experience this and more:

  • I was on hand for nappy explosions/training – take a peek at this!!
  • Working in our apartment gave us the perfect work/life balance both pre & post pregnancy.
  • Showers !!!! Mel would have one in peace as I was there when needed
  • Lunch at home (sounds silly, but trust me, not at all)
  • No commute either early in the morning or evening – mutual pluses for ALL family members
  • Finished work – I literally walk 20 steps from ‘work’ to ‘home’ in seconds
  • Bath time – first experiences for baby and parents – I was there every time
  • I was always involved – not just 2 weeks parental leave but  ‘All The Time’. Employee happy / Wife happy / Child(ren) happy / Work happy.

Agh the Mecca!

Finally, I’ll add this about being able to work from home & especially if/when you start a family.

Q: As an Employer in today’s world which would you prefer?

  • A valued member of staff who works from home, is visible online with minimal if not zero micro-management, who produces what you need?


  • A member of staff who gets to work, looking jaded, feels under the cosh to perform? (And ends up at home after a stressful commute and gets annoyed over unnecessary stuff?)


I’d take a happy productive person all day, every day. Check out Abodoo’s platform now to see how it can work for you & your employees.

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Guest Blogger:

Ross Good, SmartWorking, AbodooRoss Good is a Full Time Stay at Home Dad looking after his two girls and dog. He gave up work after needing 4 stents inserted into his heart at 37 due to hereditary Heart Disease.

Since becoming a SAHD, he blogs at The Stented Papa and was the only Irish Daddy blogger finalist for the Best Parenting Award at the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards 2017.

He has appeared in a number of TV shows and has recently started a new business with his wife Mel called Booky Wooky.’