I’m an Extrovert! Am I Really Cut Out for Remote Working?

I’m an Extrovert! Am I Really Cut Out for Remote Working?

5th June 2018 Off By Vanessa Tierney

“Outgoing, likes to be social, a people person”

This is how I have always been described and so, ten years ago, if you had said that my choice of working would be remote working from home I would have replied “NO WAY”. Imagine the loneliness I would have thought, and could I really do my job of interviewing and hiring remotely?

No compromise 

Fast forward to today and even if you offered me a lot more money, I would not change the location of my work – my home. Initially going remote was not actually my choice as unfortunately I was ill and so was unable to commute for months, let alone do a full day in the office. However, I quickly realised that my role could actually be done, with a little creativity, remotely and that I was absolutely not an isolated case. The more I looked, the more I realised there were many talented, creative and brilliant people who craved and needed a similar solution.

How remote working has evolved

Working from home started in the 70’s with telecommuting and we all know those “other ads” promoting ways to earn $$$$$, however it is really only in the past few years that serious, professional careers have started to go remote. There are options of going fully remote, blended (where you do 50:50 of office and home work) or hub working where there is a small satellite office and with the pace of technology the options are growing all the time amongst business large and small the world over.

So can an extrovert really enjoy remote working?

There is no doubt there is a bedding in period for everyone the first time they go remote. There is a self discipline that you develop as to how to structure your week, factoring in video time with others and ensuring you step away. However once you find your flow you discover you can achieve a lot more both in your career and in managing your home. So in short, yes, you can still be sociable, get fit, have more time with your loved ones and much more whilst working from your home office or any other remote location.

What I don’t miss

Mind numbing license plate watching, listening to radio DJ waffle, fighting for the last few car spaces, being late, apologising for being late, being squeezed into a crammed train, the repetitive “how are you” with no interest in your answer, the cost of take-away coffee and a wrap, the heat of sitting inside a fishbowl on hot days, not being at the nursery/school gates, the panic as you can see the traffic build past 4 p.m. outside your window, that feeling of needing to stay late to show your dedication, the lack of space in your diary for private appointments, the crash on the motorway, the queue at the petrol station at rush hour, the train cancellations and roadworks, the washing of work clothes, the planning of the outfit for the next day, THE TIME and MONEY WASTED doing all of the above.

I am grateful for all the geniuses that developed the connectivity and technology to make remote working an option. So yes I am a people person, so I make sure to see and interact with people each week. I love being remote and I’d have it no other way.

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