Abodoo SmartWorking: The Solution to Recruitment Challenges

Abodoo SmartWorking: The Solution to Recruitment Challenges

7th April 2019 Off By Chloe Sullivan

In a changing World of Work, recruiters are becoming more and more aware of the challenges they face in attracting the best talent. An abundance of applications, lack of skills in key areas and an incresaingly competitive market can make it difficult to retain the best candidates during recruitment. You want to secure your dream job without compromising your personal life. We want you to too.

Recent reports have shown that employers face recruiting challenges in 2019. In a paper published by Lincoln, it is estimated that 75% of Ireland’s employers project sourcing new staff will be one of the biggest challenges they face in the New Year. Furthermore, it is expected that there will be a shortage of suitable applicants, with 88% of employers saying they expect to hire staff in the next 12 months. Workers are not only seeking full time employment, rather prioritising companies which offer flexible working methods. It is estimated that 72% of professionals prefer this benefit over any other. Is there a solution?

The Demand for Flexibility

While it is uplifting to hear employers keen to hire, it is estimated that 72% of professionals prioritise flexible working methods over any other benefit. Workers are not only seeking full time employment, rather prioritising companies which offer flexible working methods. Employees want to be offered geographic flexibility, less rigid work hours, a shorter commute and the ability to create a work-life harmony.

Many companies are still toying with the idea but one can not deny that technology facilitates the flexibility we are looking for. It is no longer essential to be in a certain meeting room, and a certain time. Instead, companies can benefit from applications such as Zoom to hold punctual conference calls. Job seekers in 2019 do not need the added stress of the commute, long hours and sleep deprivation, nor do recruiters have endless amounts of time to go through applications. Employees are expecting more flexibility, particularly in terms of when and how work gets done, as well as better work environments, engagement. Employers are looking for top quality talent and increaesd productivity.

In order to avoid recruitment challenges in 2019, flexibility is key.

Abodoo SmartWorking: Talent Intelligence

Abodoo have developed a new and innovate RaaS technology cloud platform that gives business owners access to employees and vice verse. We are changing the way recruitment is done by matching companies with employees based on skills rather than location with an emphasis on offering flexible working options. We call this #SmartWorking.

We define #SmartWorking as the combined use and adoption of technology with employee agility to work remotely, from co-working hubs, or a hybrid model (part remote, part office). Success is measured on output and productivity rather than the hours spent sitting at a desk which supports and drives employee engagement and results. In other words, it is a business focused approach to offering employees more flexible working conditions.

We correct unconcious bias via our anonymous skills matching and we ensure that the companies who post jobs on our platform will offer their employer a degree of flexibility whether it be the ability to work remotely, a hybrid position or to work from home. We believe in #RecTech and transforming the #FutureofWork with you.

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We hope to see you join our #SmartWorking Revolution