What can Abodoo SmartWorking do for your business?

What can Abodoo SmartWorking do for your business?

19th November 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

As Abodoo marked it’s first birthday, we took time to reflect on #SmartWorking strategies and what they mean to us as employees and what they mean to you, as a business owner. We summarised the four key ways Abodoo can help your business thrive. 


We aim to help you cut costs in your business. By hiring SmartWorkers via Abodoo, you can reduce fixed costs such as office space and desk infrastructure. By hiring a hybrid SmartWorker, they can, for example, work from home 2 days per week and come into the office for 3. It is free to post a vacancy on our platform and charges only incur once a candidate has accepted an interview. By rotating employees, you can reduce the amount of office space you rent. Alternatively, if you are looking to expand, why not hire international SmartWorkers? Renting a co-working space for 2 days for a brand strategy meeting in South East London is far more cost effective than renting an office space in Central London. By reducing the amount of fixed costs you have per annum, you will cut overall costs dramatically. This is beneficial to you, your business your employee’s wellbeing.  It is a win-win situation, and a way of, ‘working Smart’.


As you may have seen already, our wonderful colleague Vithoria has launched her #DiversitySeries which goes live every Wednesday. Vithoria explains the main barrier hindering diversity in the workplace, which is unconscious bias. Also referred to as a mental shortcut, unconscious bias is our brain’s tendency to develop preferences based on any social category. These categories can include visual features such as skin colour, gender or weight and can also refer to religion, job role, social background or political affiliation. Unconscious bias sometimes stands in the way of diversity which can have a negative impact on your business’ work environment and employee wellbeing. Business’ all over the globe are becoming more and more conscious of being diverse and Abodoo can support this mission. Abodoo is a RaaS cloud technology platform that matches you with the best SmartWorkers, focusing firstly on an individuals skill’s and experience rather than their age, gender or ethnicity. We help you correct unconscious bias within your company.


SmartWorking is all about finding the best talent. By using special algorithms and push technology, we help you find talent, attract talent and retain talent. When an employee finds your job posting, what is it that makes them want to apply to your company? Abodoo SmartWorking opens new talent pools to your business. Ireland has a highly skilled underemployed talent pool in suburbs and across rural areas, many of which have the desire to work but logistically whether it is down to the commute, child care, mobility issues, diaspora wanting to return, or are unable to afford housing, are locked out of the traditional office model. Abodoo ensures you do not miss the opportunity to connect with such talent by matching you with SmartWorkers not only limited to central hubs such has Dublin or London. We give you access to large pools of talent in Galway, Laois, Sligo and further afield. Your business can then retain this talent by offering geographic flexibility, fair hiring processes, rural regeneration and hybrid or remote working roles.


Sourcing and Talent Acquisition can prove challenging with the rise of skilled workforces across a number of different sectors. More and more people are choosing to upskill, change careers and obtain new qualifications. This can lead to an extortionate amount of time being spent trawling through thousands upon thousands of applications, some of which may not even be relevant to the position you are advertising. Abodoo’s specific skills matching technology narrows down the applications, efficiently based on specific skills. We deliver the most suitable talent to you, directly.

Stay tuned for more updates! We are currently working on a post with further details on the benefits of SmartWorking for your business. We hope to have this with you shortly 🙂

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