Abodoo – Digital DNA

Abodoo – Digital DNA

17th June 2018 Off By Louise O'Conor

Delighted to announce that our CEO Sue Marshall, will be speaking at this year’s Digital DNA conference in Belfast! Definitely not one to be missed!


Digital DNA was created by the very thing it promotes, collaboration.

As a topic of discussion over drinks in a local Belfast bar, it became clear that there was a need for businesses to overcome the challenges and realise the opportunities Digital presents.

Digital DNA was formed in Northern Ireland where a strong knowledge economy has attracted and created some of the leading technology companies in the world.

We’ve brought our events and our content to such an advanced level that we now attract some of the world’s leading tech pioneers and organisations to Northern Ireland allowing relevant, specific discussions and ‘craic’ to be the mainstay of what we do.

Being situated in a cultural hub full of food, music and drinks, we can throw the stuffy, corporate meetings out the window and instead share knowledge and build relationships in a vibrant and inviting environment. Let’s do business differently.


We are facilitators. We bring together everyone from the largest conglomerates to micro startups and entrepreneurs, allowing them to share knowledge and Be Part Of It through our events throughout the year.

We also provide a platform where knowledge and expertise on the latest digital innovations can be discussed through our practical and insightful content written by those who are utilising it in their working life.

Digital DNA