3 Myths about SmartWorking Debunked

3 Myths about SmartWorking Debunked

19th December 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

Day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas series and today we are discussing the top myths about SmartWorking!

1. “Productivity decreases”

Reality: A Stanford University study found remote workers are 13.5% more productive than their in-office colleagues  and tend to put in more hours. 9% of that productivity came from having more time (taking less breaks and sick days and having less meetings).  4% came from being able to focus with less distraction. Office workers are constantly interrupted — roughly every three minutes. When employees are free from common office distractions like unnecessary meetings, loud conversations, impromptu requests and continuous coffee break chats at the Nespresso machine, their productivity increases, not decreases as is often perceived.

2. “It is impossible to have a true connection with your colleagues on a remote team.”

Reality: Not according to one Gallup poll, which showed that remote workers actually feel more connected to their companies than on-site workers. Further proof: When we meet for team lunches, we always give each other a warm welcome on arrival and there is no shyness!

3. “Working remote means you spend the day in your pajamas and work odd hours.”

Reality: Not when we have a Zoom conference call to make at 9:30am- if you are not there, it is very obvious..  We know we represent the company and have a responsibility to maintain professionalism, so we dress professionally and make sure to be presentable — just like we would if we were walking into an office.

What are your thoughts?