12 Best Cities For SmartWorking

12 Best Cities For SmartWorking

10th December 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

Our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown begins with the 12 Best Cities for SmartWorking.

12. Basel, Switzerland

Located on the Rhine River near the borders of France and Germany, Basel makes an ideal city for SmartWorkers as it has high wages and fast internet speeds.

11. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

You’ll find it hard to feel like an outsider in Luxembourg–almost half of its population is foreign. A bustling hub with cheap fares for public transport, Luxembourg City is the perfect location for SmartWorkers with itchy feet and a thirst for adventure.

10. Stockholm, Sweden

The combination of fast internet connections, beautiful cobblestone streets and views of the Baltic Sea means the Swedish capital has something for everyone.

9. Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg has a very high employment rate (92.1% according to InterNations) and a lower cost of living than London, making it extremely attractive for those looking for better opportunities.

8. Beijing, China

The hustle and bustle of Beijing might not be to everyone’s taste but working from home can be a great way to escape this. The city offers a very low cost-of-living, meaning Irish and UK-sized wages go a long way there.

7. Frankfurt, Germany

If you like beautiful skylines and the atmosphere of a busy urban centre, Frankfurt might just be the place for you. It offers high internet speeds, has the third largest airport in Europe and can be a great place to work, especially if you work in finance.

6. Munich, Germany

Munich’s thriving economy has made it a hotbed for top talent in a wide range of industries including IT, automotive engineering, aerospace, life sciences, finance and media. It’s also the home of Oktoberfest 😉

5. London, UK

SmartWorking has really taken off in London over the last number of years with many businesses introducing hybrid SmartWorking policies that allow their employees to work two or even three days each week from home.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This smart city is home to some of the world’s biggest international players, meaning English-speakers can find it very easy to find work. Add in its beautiful streets and vibrant nightlife and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone disenchanted by this city.

3. Auckland, New Zealand

The business hub of New Zealand, Auckland has a lot to offer for those looking for work. Sports-focused locals and wide-open surroundings makes Auckland the ideal location for SmartWorkers with a love for the great outdoors.

2. Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg’s rejuvenation over recent years has made it attractive to job-seekers the world over. Both larger and wealthier than Cape Town, Johannesburg offers plenty of coffee shops and co-working spaces for SmartWorkers.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Due in part to its low cost of living, Prague has become a Mecca for expats, particularly those from neighbouring EU states who do not require a work permit to enjoy the comfortable lifestyle it has to offer.