11 Must-Haves To Be The Best SmartWorker

11 Must-Haves To Be The Best SmartWorker

11th December 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

Day 11 of our 12 Days of Christmas series 🙂

Having been #SmartWorkers for over a year now, we have devised a list of both skills and technology infrastructure to be the best SmartWorker! While it is not essential to have every single one of these, we definitely recommend having as many as you can.

1. Communication:

Communication skills are key. These are fundamental to SmartWorkers as most of our work is completed individually and then sent across via email, Slack or Google Doc. To instill confidence in your colleague that you know what your task is, let them know! It does not have to be a long message, simply a thumbs up will reassure them that you are on the job.

2. Organisation:

It is essential to be able to organise your time in the most strategic way possible when SmartWorking. You may have to pop out to an appointment at 11am (the joys of flexibility) but you need to make sure that you will allocate time to finish that audit report before COB. While we enjoy less rigid hours, it is important that we are organised and on time with deadlines 🙂

3. Punctuality:

These brings us to time management! It is a common misconception that SmartWorkers can get away with things employees in the office wouldn’t! This is not true. If we have a meeting arranged for 9:30am, that means 9:30am. Not 9:40am, not 9:35am. We are punctual and on time.

4. Laptop:

As you have probably guessed, a laptop or PC device is key. Most of our work is completed online so it is essential to have a desktop from which you can work. An iPad may also be used in some cases, particularly when travelling.

5. Applications:

You need not be the biggest tech wizard, but it is important that you get your head around some key apps that SmartWorkers use. Our wonderful Guest Blogger, Tamara shared her top 4 apps which include WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Asana and Slack. What’s even better? They’re free!

6. Earphones:

As we sometimes work on the go or in co-working spaces, it is crucial to have your own headset so you will never miss a zoom call or video check! Plus, they guarantee better quality sound.

7. Trust:

Being trusted to SmartWork is essential. It means that your employer believes in you, that you will work just as hard outside the traditional office cohort.

8. Clear Space:

A tidy, neat, airy space helps you concentrate and stay focused. You need a space in which you feel relaxed and do not fear getting distracted by a pile of books on the floor!

9. WiFi:

It may be stating the obvious, but yes. WiFi is key. Make sure your devices are fully charged before working on the go and if SmartWorking from another country, try to plan where and when you can get WiFi to avoid being disappointed.

10. Work Ethic:

If working from home, you want to be sure to stay motivated! A good work ethic means you will be productive and get the job done.

11. Diary:

Digital Calendars are brilliant when on the go. But sometimes it is good to just write stuff down in one place under one date so you know you won’t miss a thing.

And that’s a wrap! Our Top 11 SmartWorking Must-Haves. Have you more? Let us know.