Wild Atlantic Way x SmartWorking

Wild Atlantic Way x SmartWorking

30th October 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

The Wild Atlantic Way is typically referred to as a sensational journey of soaring cliffs, buzzing towns and cities, and of hidden beaches amongst the epic bays of Ireland. Whether you drive it from end-to-end or come and go, it’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.Ā  And with that, comes the opportunity to SmartWork a better lifestyle šŸ™‚

SmartWork Along the Wild Atlantic Way

Gone are the days of Dublin being the only show in town. With the current race pace of life, individuals are becoming more and more conscious of their lifestyle and the quality of life they want to achieve. In an era of rip-off rents and out-of-reach mortgages, quality of life is becoming a critical factor in determining whether to sign the contract or not. It is not just about rents and the cost of living. People increasingly want a kinder, less pressured life, to live in a place where they can slow it down a little, and breathe and take life as it comes.

Whether it be a rocky hike on a northern headland, surfing the pounding waves of the west cost, or simply breathing in the crisp salt air, a work-life balance along the Wild Atlantic Way sounds more than appealing. There is more to life than work, sleep, eat and repeat. There is #SmartWorking.

Sligo Proudly Hosts Networking Event

Aside from the desire to work and live along the Wild Atlantic Way, we have seen a boost in networking events and tech companiesĀ inĀ the surrounding areasĀ to further transform the west coast of Ireland as a tech hub. TheĀ Career Zoo event took place on the 12th of October to showcase the most innovative tech and biotech companies in the Northwest, West and Midlands. The event also highlighted their exciting opportunities and the unparalleled work-life harmony that such companies can offer in these areas.

There were a number of large multinational firms in attendance including the tech company, Overstock, who recently announced 100 new research and development roles for Sligo, adding to the 40 people it currently employs at its European base. New York-based Live Tiles were also present to pull on job and lifestyle offerings in the West and Midlands. The event essentially bundled tech, biopharma and medtech. Firms including but not limited to, Pramerica,Ā  Bosten Scientific, Abbvie, Ericsson, Cora Systems (Leitrim), PPD (Athlone), Abbot, VistaMed, FIT and Lionbridge (Mayo) together have hundreds of vacancies and each of them consider themselves to be part of a wider connected region with the Wild Atlantic Way at its heart.

The Future of WorkĀ 

As a result of the imminent growth of the West Coast of Ireland, there is scope for people to transform their work-life harmony. And it starts with you! A number of people were seriously pushing back on the narrative that Rural Ireland is closing down. This kind of event showed some evidence that thereā€™s actually a reverse influx occuring. While it can be argued that traditional pubs and shops are closing, newer types of business and in particular, tech companies, are only getting started! FDI and MNC’s should not solely be attracted to the capital, rather recognise the potential of surrounding areas, the skill sets we offer and the beautiful settings in which we utilise them.

Do you live along the west coast of Ireland? Are you seeking employment without having to relocate?Ā 

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