SmartWorking At Christmas Time

SmartWorking At Christmas Time

15th December 2017 Off By Sue Marshall

Ah, the run-up to Christmas. Full of festive music, mince pies, and twinkly lights… along with list-making, gingerbread-baking, turkey-ordering, gift-shopping, errand-rushing, and deep-beat-the-stress-breathing. Juggling full-time work and Christmas prep is a high-pressure scenario and the truth is that I used to go a little bit crazy with stress every December. But remote working and SmartWorking at Christmas changed all that – here’s how.

Benefits of SmartWorking at Christmas Time

No queuing at the post office on a Saturday morning

Working from home means that I don’t ever have to come home to one of those heart-sinking little “we tried to deliver your parcel” notices on my doormat ever again. These days, I’ll be there to sign for anything I ordered. And if I miss the doorbell? I’ll make sure to hit the post office before the lunch hour rush.

Using “commuting” time to get ahead of the game

The tube gets pretty silly during silly season and I don’t miss getting jabbed in the eye by someone’s three-for-one wrapping paper rolls or sharing personal space with a “chatty” party-goer. But there’s another perk to leaving the daily commute behind: time! This year, I’ll be using the extra couple of no-longer-commuting hours to work my way through my to-do list. I’m even planning to prepare a couple of smug “here’s one I made earlier” dishes I can whip out of the freezer during the holidays.

Feeling festive at home

When I started working from home, I thought I’d miss the camaraderie of my old office at this time of year, but it doesn’t take much to create some festive atmosphere at home. A couple of lunch dates in the diary keeps me feeling sociable, while fairy lights and a little wobbly Santa is all it takes to prettify my study. And if you’re a “bah humbug” type? Go ahead and revel in your tinsel-free workplace, along with…

No forced festive joviality at the office Christmas “do”

It feels liberating to give the annual office party a swerve – no pranks with the photocopier, no festive party playlist on a loop, and no pressure to wear the novelty antlers (unless that’s your thing – I’m not judging). But working from home doesn’t mean I’ve given up parties altogether! Instead, I’ve arranged a couple of festive get-togethers with fellow flexi-workers in the same industry as me; we’ll share stories, laughs and a few cocktails. Even when you’re self-employed, it’s important to let your hair down every now and then. And best of all…

No one needs to see you the morning after

I’ll be spending my “commuting” hour under the duvet. And this year, I’ll remember not to schedule a video conference the day after my get-together.

Guest Blogger: Kate Oakley – HR Director and Interview Skills Coach

Lastly, we would like to express one disparity of opinion on Kate’s list to keeping sane this Christmas and this would be that no party playlist should ever be ignored and so we’d like to share with you The Abodoo hub office Christmas playlist. We hope you play on loop and on loud. Enjoy: Abodoo Hub Office Christmas Playlist