Essential Technologies For SmartWorking

Essential Technologies For SmartWorking

20th August 2018 Off By Thomas Murray

We were asked recently what is needed to become a SmartWorker. And while we typically tell people all they need is a laptop and a reliable internet connection, we feel the question now warrants a more comprehensive answer.

As we all know, SmartWorking has only been made possible by the rapid advancement of accessible technologies. Without them, we would not be able to exchange information as effectively as we do now. With new technology and software appearing on the market every day, it’s becoming easier than ever for people to perform their jobs. Here, we take a look at some of the technology that has made SmartWorking a completely viable way of life for everyone.

Document Managers

It could be argued that cloud-based technology is the SmartWorker’s best friend. Since its introduction to the masses years ago, cloud-based software such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Docs and Google Sheets have transformed how millions of people work today.

Easy to use, these document management systems are great for both employers and employees. Features such as password protection and time lock control over things like editing and access rights allows employers to regulate who can view or change documents. As for the employees, the fact that these files are constantly saved with old edits being archived, is nothing short of a godsend. Should something happen to their device, a SmartWorker can instantly up and move to another one and pick up exactly where they left off.


Schedulers are a great way to manage your appointments and keep you on your toes. At Abodoo, we use schedulers regularly to organise our daily conference and video calls. Alarms can easily be set to alert employees before meetings or to inform them of changes. Scheduling technology has advanced to a stage now where, once given access to everyone’s calendar, can recommend a time to meet when everyone is free. Less time spent trying to reach a scheduling consensus means more time spent on the important stuff, like work!


Nowadays, we take communication technology for granted, but it wasn’t that long ago when video calling and instant messengers were considered ‘new.’ The latest communication tech on the market these days has been perfectly calibrated for the average SmartWorker’s needs. Slack, which has become a staple amongst companies the world over, is a nifty instant messenger app which allows you to create channels for topic-driven conversations or updates. Zoom, on the other hand, is a fantastic video calling website that can host several people in a single call, allowing remote workers to catch up and collaborate as effectively (if not more so) as they would in person.

As technology continues to advance at, what some might deem an alarming rate, we cannot deny the undeniable benefits it has on our daily lives. Fifteen years ago, the thought of working from home five days a week while maintaining a healthy work ethic and culture seemed laughable. But as we now know, this way of life is becoming increasingly common.

With more than 50% of all employees expected to be working from home by 2020 because of technology, it’s worth asking the question: do you want to make the switch to SmartWorking?