Co-Working vs Working From Home

Co-Working vs Working From Home

20th May 2019 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Co-working spaces are growing and many home workers are thinking about making the move.
Co-working spaces offer multiple benefits, but are they worth it?
Today we will compare the main pros and cons between co-working and working from home! 


Coworking is cost-effective when comparing to traditional office spaces. Still, coworking isn’t free and that’s one of the biggest advantages of working from home The prices of co-working spaces can vary and the decision making has to be thought according to your business. Mostly the prices are fair enough but Smart Workers have to decide if it’s worth the price. Do you have a team? Will you need meeting rooms? Do you need space to expand? Does your home gives you a proper office space? All of these questions should be considered. From a savings perspective, working from home definitely wins but there are lots of coworking spaces that are worth it and should fit your budget.

Distractions & Focus

Co-working offices are designed and build to improve your productivity and work. Be surrounded by other workers and entrepreneurs gives you more focus and inspiration to do your job. Working from home is comfy, but many Smart Workers can get distracted by house chores, kids, pets or anything else. In a co-working space, you are there to work, and all the aspects of the environment will boost you to concentrate and the free coffee will keep you awake. 😉


One of the best advantages of working from home is avoiding the commute. You don’t have to wake up earlier or deal with public transport, traffic or stressed drivers. However, the commute to co-working can be much easier. If you have flexibility, you can start your day by working from home and then go to your favorite co-working after peak time. Also, you’re able to pick the co-working that worst best for you, so your hours on traffic will probably go much quicker than in a normal office space. If you can walk or cycle, you are able to exercise and that’s even better.


If you’re a people person and enjoy interacting and socializing, shared spaces might work better for you. Working from home is great, but you can miss one of the best advantages of co-working, which is networking. In fact, a few Smart Workers report feeling lonely and isolated when working a lot from home. In a co-working office, you can enjoy the presence of other workers and entrepreneurs, as well as attending to the events and get some special treats. You’ll always have a chance to connect with someone new, a colleague to reach out, ask for help or even invite for a friendly coffee.


One of the perks of working from home is the privacy. You can easily just shut your door and put your headphones and you do your work. Co-working hubs often have private rooms and booths, but you would need to share it. Working from home you won’t be interrupted and you have total privacy.


If your business requires regular meetings with clients, co-working spaces will give you the structure you need. Of course, you can always use meetings tools as Zoom, but you possibly will need in-person meetings. A co-working space gives you the professional space you need, and possibly with free coffee, whiteboards, projectors, and printing service.


With co-working spaces, you’ll have all the amenities and work infrastructure you’ll need: excellent internet connection, phones, common areas, meeting rooms, printers, coffee & snacks, mail, and all the office supplies. In that sense, co-working is more professional and working from home can be limited.

It’s all about #SmartWorking!

Whether you work in a coworking hub or from home, it’s all about Smart Working. If you prefer working more comfortably on your PJs, a home office may be better. If you enjoy networking and working in an innovative office space, co-working will be the best option for you. You have to consider which option will make you work better and more productively. That’s the magic of Smart Working. You can choose where and how you’ll work it.

If you’re looking for the perfect hub, you can check our co-working partners here. Or, if you’d like to become a Smart Worker, register your details in today!