Life in the Health Lane

Life in the Health Lane

12th April 2018 Off By Guest Blogger

Today’s #SwartWorking Guest Blogger:

Veronika Abramova works remotely as a Business Development Representative for an HR Software Company and cares deeply about her health and lifestyle. She really enjoys travelling in her current position and she is pretty much free to take these business trips on a weekly basis when it suits her. Overall she has a very active and healthy lifestyle. She loves swimming and having the time to invent healthy meals. She owes a lot of her new found time devoted in self-development to remote working. She believes remote working has played a huge part on the health benefits she is now reaping.

Here’s Veronika’s story about her remote working healthy lifestyle.

Our Job fills up a huge part of our time in each of our lives, and life is so quick and dynamic nowadays. There are so many lifestyle tasks to undertake, but when you’re working in a full-time job in a 9-5 office environment you simply have no time and energy to do all your personal tasks. It’s a vicious circle, from the moment you are wake up you are always running and rushing to meet the next task from getting dressed, having, breakfast to commuting and then to add insult to injury you enter an office atmosphere where you feel watched and monitored all the time. This lack of freedom, clock watching and being overly self-aware is not good for morale.

The comes the so-called winding down of the day. Returning back home, you try to tease out some time for yourself in between family chores and if truth be told you find you get very little time for yourself to just relax and breathe in between it all. Running! Running! Running all the time!

It causes a lot of stress and as a result, you find yourself frequently dreaming of a better work: life balance. In this day and age, there has to be a better way to spend our life’s.

The benefits of remote working are firstly,  your health! You are not in a consistent state of stress; you are not running anywhere. You are sleeping properly as you don’t need to wake up as early as you would to make the commute. You become your own boss when you plan your own time, giving you your freedom and power back.

Remote working allows for flexibility and time to work around being a parent, spouse, and friend You have more time for being yourself, not only a better worker but a better happier person for you and your family and friends.

Remote working in effect means earning more. You are not spending money on commuting, new work clothes, for the business lunches, coffees etc. As a result, you’re saving time and money for the important stuff, like – an amazing holiday with your loved ones, spa breaks with friends, activities for your kids, new gym gear. It’s like living life in the healthy lane.

Guest Blogger: Veronika Abramova