Top 4 Environmental Benefits of SmartWorking

Top 4 Environmental Benefits of SmartWorking

28th April 2019 Off By Abigail Stack

Driving to work takes all the control out of the commute. Workers are limited by time, available options, and money. Usually people do not have time to make a detour on the way to work to an environmentally friendly coffee shop to grab a drink in a compostable cup, or go to a sandwich shop that features vegan options. Centering life around a commute makes it near impossible for people to control how they will work sustainably.

How Can SmartWorking Promote Environmental Benefits

Reduced Carbon Emissions

The environmental concerns of commuting to work include carbon emissions from car engines, consuming single-use products on the go, and not having freedom over what food is around and in the office. SmartWorking gives employees environmental benefits and complete control to decide how they will reduce their carbon footprint. The best thing that comes from removing the commute is granting professionals control over their entire working environment.

Cut the Commute

The most obvious environmental benefits to skipping the commute is that workers contribute no or little carbon emissions from transportation. Driving contributes the vast majority of air pollution into our environment. By engaging with SmartWorking, workers do not contribute nearly as much air pollution to the atmosphere as they would with the commute. Driving in a car for extended periods of time and wasting valuable minutes simply sitting down and staring at the road only adds more pollution into our air. SmartWorking cuts the need to commute out of the picture and helps reduce every SmartWorker’s carbon footprint.

Diet Control

Avoiding meat and dairy is the single most effective way people can reduce their carbon footprint. According to People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), “If every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and ate vegan food instead, it would be like taking 500,000 cars off the road.” By utilizing SmartWorking, workers are able to decide exactly what they will eat without having to worry about finding a vegetarian friendly restaurant, eating at non-vegetarian company lunches, or packing a sustainable meal to bring to the office. With SmartWorking, there is no reason to blame inconvenience on non-sustainable food choices.

Waste Management

Working in a controlled place also means that people will be less prone to using single-use products. While commuting, people often go to drive-thrus, get take-out, stop by coffee shops on the way to work, and mindlessly contribute a ton of waste to the environment.  If you’re running late but need your morning coffee, running to Starbucks for an iced coffee in a plastic cup with a plastic straw may be the automatic response. Single-use products like plastic utensils, napkins, sauce packets, staws, etc. are only used one time but affect the environment for upwards of thousands of years. The average plastic water bottle takes 450 years to decompose; an item that is used for a few minutes creates hundreds of years of destruction. If one is working at home rather than an office, they will have multiple-use products rather than single-use products to consume food. Working remotely significantly helps the environment and will slow down climate change. All it takes is employers seeing the benefits and taking a chance on the wave of the future!

Everyone can reap the benefits of SmartWorking!

People, industries, governments and sectors all have to play their part in order to improve global climate change. However, according to research, if every company in Ireland (circa 260,000 companies), enabled 1 employee to work from home and lose the commute, our country could reduce its annual carbon emissions by 1.1 million metric tonnes per year.

Is that alone not reason enough to get everyone SmartWorking?

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