Nations Against Emissions

Nations Against Emissions

13th December 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Green technology, renewable energies, cutting carbon emissions.
Meet the countries and their measures to combat the threat of climate change.

Global carbon emissions in 2018 hit their highest record (37 billion tonnes) and is sure to increase in 2019. A report by UN revealed that the planet will get 3.2C warmer by the end of this century. If we want to keep global temperatures stable, emissions will have to drop by 55%.

The fight against climate change is one of the biggest challenges of this era. However, countries around the world are taking action to prevent the effects of climate change. Many nations are now adopting carbon emission reduction policies and increasing their climate change laws.

A database produced by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and the Sabin Center on Climate Change Law shows 1,200 climate policies from over 164 countries. According to the data, the number of environmental laws jumped from 60 to 1,260 in twenty years.

Today, we take a look at some of the nations making a real difference against Climate Change.



Finland are one of the leaders in the fight against CO2 emissions. Innovation, technology and public policies are the solutions that will help Finland become a low-carbon country by 2050. The country established its Long-Term Climate and Energy Strategy of national policies that target carbon emissions, renewable energy sources and efficient measures of energy savings. At its current rate, Finland will reach their climate change goals by 2020. They believe that a green economy is the future, as it combines both economic growth and better life quality.




The Philippines are also driving towards a low-carbon economy. In 2010, the Philippines Climate Change Commission (CCC) created the 2010-2022 National Framework Strategy on climate change to develop long-term policies to lower their greenhouse gas emissions. The country expects to reduce 70% of their emissions by 2030 and become one of the lowest CO2 emitters in the world.

Philippines Against Emissions



China is seriously committed to reducing their carbon emissions and cleaning up its economy. Since they signed the Paris Climate Agreement, the country has been investing in renewable energy, electric vehicles, green cities, and wind and solar power. China’s role in climate change also has the potential to help the whole world. A recent study showed that China’s measures against climate change are also positively affecting emissions in developed countries such as America and the UK. Also, China has one of the largest production capacities today. If China directs its production to environmental goods, the country will increase their exports and lower their prices.

Greener China



India has agreed to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions. At present, the country is one of the main emitters of green house gases. India’s focus is to invest in renewable energy projects combined with technology. One of India’s main goals is to get 20 gigawatts of solar power online by 2022.

India Against Emissions



As an EU country, Germany aims to reduce emissions by 20% by 2020. However, their main strategy towards carbon emissions is to improve their energy efficiency. In 2016 the country announced a €17 billion campaign to cut energy consumption by 50% in 2050.

Germany Against Emissions


Abodoo’s Mission Against Emissions

Abodoo developed its Mission Against Emissions campaign to help Ireland slash its carbon emissions. We have come up with two measures that could help Ireland lead the charge in the fight against emissions:

The first is losing the commute and reducing 1.1 million metric tones of carbon emissions per year.

The second solution is the e-Worker allowance. The Revenue Commission allows employers to make payments up to €3.20 per day to e-Workers without deducting PAYE, PRSI, or USC. By paying this €3.20, the government would be saving up to €570 million in fines for not reaching their targets.

Abodoo’s Mission Against Emissions will not only benefit the environment and the budget, but also benefit you personally. Irish Companies are subjected to no extra cost and reap the benefits of happier, more flexible employees and increased productivity. Businesses will start to witness the financial benefits of reduced sick leave and days off due to storms, snow etc. Our campaign also supports rural regeneration by enabling towns and villages to retain a skilled and employed workforce.

Without an environmental policy in place, we will never make a difference. By joining together to build a #SmartWorking community, we hope to create a brighter future for Ireland. Will you join us?