Senior Citizens – An Asset to the Workforce

Senior Citizens – An Asset to the Workforce

25th February 2019 Off By Priyanka Athavale

Senior citizens are often assumed to be leading a sedentary, quiet lifestyle. Although this perception is quite the stereotype, it is actually increasingly changing.

A recent article highlighting the benefits of hiring senior citizens into the workforce explores how this section of the population can be a true asset to organizations. With an increase in fast-paced lifestyles and a desire to be a part of the economy and world in some way, people above the age of 65 are still actively participating in the labour market.

The article also highlights an important statistic – population. A report by World Bank stated that the number of people in Ireland above the age of 65 was almost 14% of the entire population. Likewise, Irish Health states that in 2041, the number of senior citizens will account for 1 in every 4 people. It is currently 1 in every 10, or 460,000.

Senior Citizens – A Diverse Workforce

Contributing to the economy and doing something constructive provides a sense of meaningfulness for senior citizens. Not only does it keep them busy, but it contributes greatly to their mental and emotional wellbeing by providing a sense of independence and self-sustainability. This boosts their self-confidence and esteem. All these factors are essential to ensure high quality of life.

Another massive benefit of hiring senior citizens into the workforce is that organizations get employees with years of work experience behind them. Any employee with as much experience as a senior citizen is nothing but valuable for the company.

How Smart Working Can Help

Smart working is a great way to engage the senior workforce by allowing them to work flexibly. Senior employees can have flexible working arrangements that make it convenient for them to work comfortably whilst providing organizations with a valuable workforce. Companies can stay in touch with senior employees using a range of communication applications and tools, which are quite simple to use, especially for someone who hasn’t been a part of the technological revolution.

The way of working is transitioning not only in terms of working arrangements but also in terms of a diverse and dynamic workforce. Senior employees are valuable assets that organizations should recognize. Smart working can help bridge this gap effectively.