3 Ways #SmartWorking Promotes Diversity

3 Ways #SmartWorking Promotes Diversity

8th February 2019 Off By Abigail Stack

Our world is going digital and it is time to embrace it! Cutting the typical 9-5 job routine not only makes working life more flexible, but also more inclusive. Diversity is celebrated in the remote working world and opens up so many opportunities to allow everyone to work in a capacity that fits their unique lifestyle. Read below as we highlight the best parts of #SmartWorking as it relates to diversity!

1. Workers are Hired purely based on Talent, not Demographics

Have you ever begun an interview and found yourself wondering if the interviewer is focused on what you look like rather than what you do?

In the typical job setting, one’s appearance can be just as important as the work they produce. People who identify with minorities are subject to workplace discrimination if supervisors cannot separate talent from image.

The beautiful thing about remote work is that employees are celebrated purely for their work, as it is the main interaction between coworkers and supervisors. Apart from weekly company video calls, most #SmartWorkers interact with their coworkers strictly through observing the work they produce. While working remotely, it is much more difficult for employers to take unrelated elements of an employee, such as race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity, and attribute it to the talent of the employee.

In the #SmartWorking world, employees are celebrated for what they do, not how they look.

2. The Talent Pool is Unlimited

Gone are the days of limiting your job search to your city, state, or even country. Smart Working allows you to work for anyone, at anytime, from anywhere. I am able to intern at Abodoo, a company based in Ireland, while also being a full-time student, athlete, club vice-president, and research assistant in Upstate New York. Without Smart Working, this career opportunity would not be possible.

Our Abodoo family is currently operating in three separate time zones and multiple cities: New York, New Delhi, London, Bologna and Dublin. It is so exciting to hear how unique all of our lives are in comparison to each other and how our cultures differ. Smart Working enables us to create diverse collaborations and commemorate our cultures.

Employers who embrace the remote working lifestyle are able to recruit talent without any sort of limitations such as inconvenient locations, lack of transportation, or excessive commuting times.

3. SmartWorking Can Fit Every Lifestyle

When deciding the projectile of one’s life, the questions that often arise at different life stages can include the idea of deciding between a family or a career. Smart Working allows you to do both!

In the typical 9-5 workplace, it is not unheard of for women to report losing out on career opportunities once their boss discovered that they were pregnant. With Smartworking, people who have children or are expecting, need not worry that they may not get a position because their supervisor thinks they will be unable to allocate their responsibilities as a parent and employee effectively.

Life is hectic, and everyone understands that. The flexibility of Smartworking gives people back time, reduce their commute and work around their hectic schedules. Parents with children, spouses in the military, or individuals who experience physical limitations or mobility issues, are granted the same freedom to work as everyone else under the Smartworking realm.

At Abodoo, we celebrate diversity in all forms and preach #SmartWorking as a means for reducing workplace discrimination.

To join in the global movement and take advantage of all the wonders flexible working has to offer, register on Abodoo and reap all the benefits of a diverse workplace without the commute.