Author: Thomas Murray

Caregiver/Carer SmartWorking Jobs

27th October 2018 Off

Role Background: Caregivers are attentive and friendly by nature. They offer unparalleled care and support to the elderly or infirm and perform their duties with expert maturity and discretion. Skills: Being empathetic and caring. Patience. Clear communicator. Excellent interpersonal skills. Exhibits positivity. Discretion. Duties: Travelling between sites to attend patients. Interacting with patients in medical…

By Thomas Murray

Time Management Tips For SmartWorkers

18th October 2018 Off

Work Smarter, Not Harder It’s a phrase we feel strongly about at Abodoo. Being smarter about the way we work is far more beneficial for us and our employers. Here, we take a look at some nifty time management tips to make the most of your work hours. Prepare The Day Before Before you turn…

By Thomas Murray

Administrative Executive SmartWorking Jobs

17th October 2018 Off

Role Background: An Administrative Executive is the first point of contact for all employees. They manage the day-to-day operations, providing administrative support and query resolution. Skills: Well-organised. Can perform duties in a timely manner. A self-starter who can work with little supervision. Able to accurately enter and record data. Duties: Preparing reports (expenses, budgets, etc.)…

By Thomas Murray

Today is World Mental Health Day 2018

10th October 2018 Off

Today we celebrate World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to spreading awareness about and promoting positive mental health. This year’s theme, as set by the World Federation of Mental Health, is ‘Young People and Mental Health In a Changing World.’ We’re always talking about the benefits of our rapidly changing world. From being more…

By Thomas Murray

The UN Climate Change Ultimatum

8th October 2018 Off

According to a landmark UN report published today, a future of worsening droughts, forest fires and floods awaits us unless we act now. The report asks nations around the world to make drastic changes regarding carbon emissions and to keep global temperatures within the 1.5C-2C range over the next decade. “It’s a line in the…

By Thomas Murray

Recruitment Consultant/ Manager SmartWorking Jobs

7th October 2018 Off

Role Background: Recruitment Consultants are expert relationship builders who are driven my connecting the best possible candidate to a particular role. Skills: Networking. Headhunting. Excellent interpersonal skills. Social media skills. Reviewing and analysis skills. Duties: Attracting candidates for jobs and matching them to appropriate positions. Building positive relationships with clients and candidates. Using social media…

By Thomas Murray

Financial Accountant SmartWorking Jobs

1st October 2018 Off

Role Background: Financial Accountants monitor all financial data, ensure transactions are compliant with the law and support the company’s investments. Skills: Excellent organisational skills. Sharp eye for detail and accuracy. Analysis skills. Bookkeeping skills Duties: Preparing monthly, quarterly and annual statements. Collate and monitor financial data. Organise internal audits. Monitor financial and industry trends. Prepare…

By Thomas Murray

UX Designer SmartWorking Jobs

27th September 2018 Off

Role Background: UX Designers are creative problem solvers who have expert knowledge of user needs. They design software and platforms to enhance overall user experience. Skills: Both creative and logical thinking. Be able to clearly communicate design ideas to developers. Strong understanding of user needs and psychology. Sharp eye for detail and accuracy. Duties: Construct…

By Thomas Murray

What To Do With Your Free Time

18th September 2018 Off

So, you’re a SmartWorker now, eh? What are you gonna do with all that free time? Don’t worry, we’re here with some suggestions as to how you can easily better yourself. Healthy Eating Cooking takes time, so it’s no surprise that we often find ourselves reaching for an oven pizza or chicken kiev after a…

By Thomas Murray