Author: Thomas Murray

Is Your Company Smart?

28th January 2019 Off

The world of work is changing. It wasn’t that long ago when employee disatisfaction could be “solved” with a raise or maybe even a promotion. But when the dust had settled and the confetti had cleared, that employee’s moment in the sun would disappear and be replaced with the same bitterness and discontent they felt…

By Thomas Murray

A New Year Is Here

1st January 2019 Off

We said it once but we’ll say it again: Happy New Year! 2018 has been great, but we are so excited to see what 2019 brings. We cannot wait to start another chapter of our journey and we’ll hope you’ll stick around for the ride. From, the Abodoo team. 🙂

By Thomas Murray

No. 1 Reason Why We Love SmartWorking

21st December 2018 Off

Our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown series has officially come to an end. To celebrate, we are sharing the No. 1 Reason Why We Love SmartWorking. #AbodooChristmasCountdown 🎄    Vanessa: “I LOVE SmartWorking for the freedom and empowerment it gives me to live my life, have an amazing career and be there for my family…

By Thomas Murray

6 Inspiring SmartWorking Stories

16th December 2018 Off

As our 12 Days of Christmas series continues, we take a look at 6 Inspiring SmartWorking Stories. 🎄 1. My Journey to SmartWorking by Ross Good Ross Good’s series has brought countless smiles to our faces. From working in a tiny Dublin office to a full-time remote position, Ross’s journey shows us exactly how beneficial SmartWorking can…

By Thomas Murray

7 Reasons Why I Love SmartWorking

15th December 2018 Off

Day 7 of our 12 Days of Christmas series has guest blogger Jonathan deBurca Butler give us his 7 Reasons Why He Loves SmartWorking. 🎄 1. No More Commute I get an extra hour of life everyday because I don’t have to commute. Don’t get me wrong, some people use it very productively. I know…

By Thomas Murray

9 Companies Already SmartWorking

13th December 2018 Off

Our 12 Days of Christmas series continues as we take a look at 9 Companies Already SmartWorking. Dell According to their website, the computing multinational Dell sees workplace flexibility as a business strategy that enables them to compete for the best talent. Among the company’s benefits are health plans, training and mentoring opportunities. Apple One…

By Thomas Murray

10 of the Highest Paying SmartWorking Jobs

12th December 2018 Off

Since all you need is a laptop and internet connection to be a SmartWorker, it should come as no surprise that those in IT quickly became the kingpins of the SmartWorking transformation. But as more sectors begin to realise the advantages of working remotely, some interesting new findings have shown which remote positions are the most profitable:…

By Thomas Murray

12 Best Cities For SmartWorking

10th December 2018 Off

Our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown begins with the 12 Best Cities for SmartWorking. 12. Basel, Switzerland Located on the Rhine River near the borders of France and Germany, Basel makes an ideal city for SmartWorkers as it has high wages and fast internet speeds. 11. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg You’ll find it hard to feel…

By Thomas Murray

SmartWorking Means More Time For Family

31st October 2018 Off

It’s Halloween, which means families all over the world are painting faces, donning witches’ hats and preparing for an evening of scares, dares and good old fun. But for many parents, Halloween is just another work day where they miss out on their kids’ first or even twelfth Halloween. Maybe if they’re lucky, a kindly…

By Thomas Murray