Author: Cassie Cain

Lidan Designs | Smart Offices

28th May 2019 Off

Lidan Designs are providing dedicated smart offices, separate from the home, 100% sustainable, classed as a near Zero Energy Building (nZEB), BER A Rated and built to last in excess of 100 years. Lidan’s smart office has a range of features such as 2 Hard Wired Data Points, LED Lights throughout, Heating, A Rated Doors…

By Cassie Cain

Reducing Business Costs

23rd May 2019 Off

Reducing business costs with SmartWorking Remote working is becoming more popular than ever before- with more businesses now implementing SmartWorking into their workplace. When you think of remote working, people often think that working from home is just a convenient opportunity for your employees to relax, but this is not the case. New studies and…

By Cassie Cain

SmartWorking for your business

22nd May 2019 Off

There’s many benefits to hiring remote workers for your business. Not only do you save money, reduce your business’s carbon footprint and increase productivity, but you also as a business owner can enjoy some flexibility and additional benefits. How Can Abodoo Help your Business? Reduce Costs We aim to help you cut costs in your…

By Cassie Cain

How to set up an account with Abodoo…

22nd May 2019 Off

1. Create profile Firstly, register for an Abodoo account. It’s important that you complete your Profile set-up in order to start receiving job matches. Take 8-10 mins to add as much content about yourself as possible. Tips: Add multiple hard skills and the approximate years of experience for each. Make your About Me section engaging and Interesting. It’s the…

By Cassie Cain

Targeting Talent- The Challenges of recruitment

20th May 2019 Off

There are many challenges when it comes to recruiting staff, but one of the main hiring headaches in this modern day is attracting the right candidates and retaining them! Sourcing Talent Whether it’s competition from other recruiters, or an exacting person specification for a job role, many recruiters and HR teams find recruiting good candidates…

By Cassie Cain

Working to Bring Flexible Working to 1,000’s

10th May 2019 Off

Solv™ & Abodoo Announcement Abodoo & Solv™ Working to Bring Flexible Working to 1,000’s Career Matching Platform Abodoo today announced a collaboration with Concentrix, connecting Abodoo with their latest remote working platform Solv™, with plans to register hundreds of new remote Solvers over the coming months and is looking to fill more than 1000 vacancies.…

By Cassie Cain

Challenges of recruitment – Finding Talent

7th May 2019 Off

With graduates, parents and many employees now looking for more flexible working, it’s no wonder why employers are finding it increasingly difficult to source the right talent for their company. In areas where unemployment rates are higher, job postings can receive thousands upon thousands of applications, very little of which are relevant. The demand is…

By Cassie Cain

The benefits of Remote working for parents

3rd May 2019 Off

Working 9-5 isn’t practical when you have kids. Unfortunately, school times aren’t flexible and dropping off and picking up your children from school can sometimes be impossible if you’re working in an office. In the UK, all employees have the legal right to request flexible working – not just parents and carers, although, very few…

By Cassie Cain

My remote working journey.

29th April 2019 Off

Back in January, I was working a 9-5 office job and despite my job being 100% computer based, I had to work in the office each day. Why? In all honesty, I have no idea. As a digital marketer, I could have done the job from anywhere in the world, but despite working independently day-to-day,…

By Cassie Cain