Working to Bring Flexible Working to 1,000’s

Working to Bring Flexible Working to 1,000’s

10th May 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

Solv™ & Abodoo Announcement

Abodoo & Solv™ Working to Bring Flexible Working to 1,000’s

Career Matching Platform Abodoo today announced a collaboration with Concentrix, connecting Abodoo with their latest remote working platform Solv™, with plans to register hundreds of new remote Solvers over the coming months and is looking to fill more than 1000 vacancies.

Solv™ enables Concentrix’ global clients to engage and support customers in an innovative new way. Becoming a Solver means that an individual can provide support from anywhere in the world and work in a way that suits their personal lifestyle, be that a sole source of income or additional. Solvers have flexibility and autonomy to work anytime, anywhere and earn by being rewarded for their passion and knowledge of the best brands from around the world.

Vanessa - Working to Bring Flexible Working to 1,000’sFrom a client perspective, this innovative crowdsourced support model means they can extend customer service and support with much more agility, but with a controlled cost.

Abodoo – itself an innovative platform, dedicated to SmartWorking is delighted to be working with Concentrix.   Vanessa Tierney, co-founder of Abodoo explains how the new relationship is a great match, “This type of innovation is exactly what our registered members are looking for. They want real flexibility and they want to be paid a fair rate for the job. Working with Concentrix’ Solv™ platform, we are able to offer just this. These roles can be in addition to their existing job or full time; it’s absolutely the members’ choice.”

Solv™ opportunities for remote workers from US, UK, Ireland and India are already live on the Abodoo platform and interest is high. More will be added along with new geographies. The entire process from registration and application through to starting work is fully automated. Candidates simply register and go through a simple step-by-step process to assess their skills and level of experience before going live as a support agent and starting work.

Paula Kennedy - Working to Bring Flexible Working to 1,000’s

What is Solv™?

Solv™ is the latest in innovative thinking in crowd-sourced customer support. The technology platform provides access to the world’s most exciting brands to create great customer experiences. Solvers and are in control of how much they earn – they can support customers on an anytime schedule that is personally convenient, from wherever and whenever they choose.

Abodoo has gone from strength to strength since launching in Ireland in 2017, the UK in 2018 and has now launched campaigns in the US and India.

Vanessa continued, ‘We have members registered in more than 60 countries, but are keen to increase our membership. The roles we are hosting for Solv will enable us to offer positions to people across a number of geographies – it’s really exciting! SmartWorking is a really great way for people from all walks of life to find their dream job. Parents returning to work, disability groups, careers and people who simply can’t commute or work a standard 9-5 office-based job still have great skills and experience. It’s a really inclusive approach to recruitment and opens up the recruitment pool for our clients.”

Abodoo & Solv - Working to Bring Flexible Working to 1,000’s

How do I start my Smart Working journey

Abodoo is a #SmartWorking platform that can help you find your dream, flexible career. You can register in minutes, add yours skills and experience then start matching with remote working jobs. 

Say goodbye to the 9-5. Find your SmartWorking career by registering on Abodoo today!