We just had a major home crisis…and Remote Working literally saved the day!

We just had a major home crisis…and Remote Working literally saved the day!

26th October 2019 Off By Ben Wainwright

So we had just finished up a meeting

this morning at our local CoWorking space and needed to head home (in torrential rain) to carry on with a number of tasks including our exciting Crowdfunding campaign. However, when we walked through the door we were instantly met with a downpour of a different nature…

Our Immersion tank had burst and water was cascading through the ceiling!

Ever experienced that? Instant feelings of adrenaline, hopelessness, logical reasoning, and fear all kicked in at the same time. The power had gone out due to the gushing torrent and couches and furniture were under siege. We managed to stem the flow, call an emergency plumber, grab pans, and buckets, and use pretty much every towel, sheet and blanket in the house to mop up the deluge.

Once the plumber arrived

he set to work on making the repair. It was only afterwards that he explained how lucky we are to work from home because if we hadn’t caught the situation, the water would have kept filling up in the tank and exiting out into our ceiling until finally the plasterboard and anything else sodden enough would have given way and collapsed!

Financial Reality

It is true that remote working can save you thousands per year  in reduced commuting and expenses, and there are enticing incentives such as relocating and availing of work from home grants but it is also essential to make sure that you have the right insurance in place for remote working in the event that you should ever need it. After-all, we need to protect our family possessions and our working environment should some faulty pipework decide to rain on your parade.

We feel really lucky

to have escaped a much worse situation and thankful that we avoided untold damage and heartbreak. Even though the house currently smells of damp wood there is nowhere else we would rather be!