Targeting Talent – The Challenges of Recruitment

Targeting Talent – The Challenges of Recruitment

20th May 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

There are many challenges when it comes to recruiting staff, but one of the main hiring headaches in this modern day is attracting the right candidates and retaining them!

Sourcing Talent

Whether it’s competition from other recruiters, or an exacting person specification for a job role, many recruiters and HR teams find recruiting good candidates as their biggest challenge.

A recent survey by Bond Williams Professional Recruitment has revealed that a shortage of suitable candidates is the biggest recruitment challenge for businesses across Dorset and Hampshire.

This is the response from over a quarter of respondents (29%) when asked what their top three recruitment challenges were for 2019. Be it lack of relevant experience or specialist skills, or not being a right ‘fit’ for the company culture, businesses are worried that the candidate-driven market trend will continue next year.

Hiring Talent

Many businesses that aren’t open to remote working are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right people to fill job roles. The problem is, when you’re advertising a job for an office location, you’re advertising to a small proportion of people that live in the vicinity of the office. Therefore, if you’ve ever tried to discover the right candidate in a pool full of unqualified talent, you’ll know that your options are limited. You’ll choose the best person you can find at the time—not the best fit for the job.

Retaining Talent

If you manage to hire the perfect person for the job, next, you need to be able to retain them. The majority of people with a good skill set and work history will often get contacted by recruiters, making it harder for you to retain your staff. The problem is, with more companies now offering remote working to their employees, it’s a lot easier to persuade a candidate to join another company if they aren’t currently offered remote work. This is because more and more people are looking for a better work / life harmony and many are willing to take a small salary sacrifice in order to obtain it.

How does remote working help?

Remote working will put a stop to these limitations. When you hire remote workers, you’re hiring from a much larger talent pool. You can have the best people in the business working from anywhere in the world.

In addition, by hiring remote workers, you will increase your employee retention rate. In one study conducted, it was found that 84% of employees said they would be more loyal to employers if they had flexibility.

How can Abodoo Help?

Finding the right candidate is often very time consuming, especially if it’s a hard-to-fill role. At Abodoo, you don’t have to spend time going through 100’s of job applications; you will only be matched with potential employees that match your specific skill set. In addition, you can hire remote workers from around the world with a range of different skill sets.

Our anonymous profiling reduces unconscious bias during the hiring process, enabling you to focus on your skilled matches and potential new hiresIf you’re looking for progress and innovation, try new practices and transform your hiring for 2019 with diverse talent!

Learn how Abodoo can help with your recruitment challenges.