Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern – Week 24

Confessions of a SmartWorking Intern – Week 24

8th February 2019 Off By Priyanka Athavale

As the winds howl in Ireland, the snow falls in the US and the sun continues to shine in India.. here’s what our interns got up to this week.. Happy Friday! 


I hope everyone had a lovely week!

My college is in its midterm period right now so my classes have been picking up a lot. This past week I had an exam in my Behavioral Economics class which thankfully went very well, as well as a paper for my English class that I have not received back yet so fingers crossed! Fortunately not all of my classes were filled with papers and exams. During my Arts of India class, we had a guest yoga instructor lead a yoga session which was an extremely relaxing relief from my other obligations.

Aside from schoolwork I have been busy with my field hockey team working out every day of the week. In the states, collegiate field hockey’s main season is in the fall so we are currently in the off-season. My team is also planning a trip to Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands for August so we are gearing up for that as well! We are currently fundraising through a raffle where every day in February prizes are given away such as Union apparel, free tickets to events, and gift cards to local restaurants. It is exciting to see the support of the community as we prepare for our team adventure!

Next week I am submitting my application to do summer research with an English professor at Union for the month of July. I also have a quiz in my Behavioral Economics class and an exam in my Arts of India class. All of these commitments will of course be brightened by my SmartWorking friends at Abodoo who are all so amazing to work with.


Hey guys, hope you had a wonderful week. Thank god it’s Friday, right? But then if you’re smart working, any day can be Friday! My research proposal came around last week and I submitted it exactly a week ago. So that’s done.

Since then, I’ve been quite busy having fun working at Abodoo! There’s so much to do. So many cool articles to share with you all, tons of ideas to throw around, create all those blogs, and basically get creative! I’ve also started a series of HR-related SmartWorking blog posts since this Tuesday, and I must say it’s been beyond fun. There’s so much about flexible working and HR that I didn’t know! And because I’m studying MA in HRM, the process becomes even more memorable because it is so relatable!

How was your week guys? Considered switching to SmartWorking if you haven’t already? It’s never a bad time to try something awesome, remember that! Anyhoo, head over to our social media pages and let us know your SmartWorking stories went this week!


Hellllloooo. I hope you all had a super exciting week because I sure did. I attended my cousin’s wedding which included week-long festivities and ceremonies. There were events for engagement, cocktails, henna, musical night, a turmeric ceremony, and finally the wedding. It was exhausting, but mad fun with all my cousins. During this extravaganza, I had immense support from my SmartWorking colleagues who offered to cover for me generously while I enjoyed my time here.

Being home is such a delightful experience. It’s almost been two years since I last spent at least a month at home. It makes me wonder what ‘home’ really is. Home is where the heart is, sure. But home is also where you don’t need an international plug adapter to charge your phone and laptop. Where you don’t need to open Google maps every time you have an address to go to. It’s also where you are welcomed by hundreds of phone calls and messages of friends and family wanting to meet you.

Honestly, I feel quite at home in Dublin too. It barely took me a week before my friend pointed out that I’m referring to my student accommodation as home. But the feeling of ‘homecoming’ is perhaps unique to where you were born and brought up. What’s in common is that I can work from either of my two homes. Or an airport, a cafe, a hotel tbqh.

SmartWorking is a gift to mankind from Gods of the internet and I’m embracing that wholeheartedly. I hope you do too.

Here’s a picture of me enjoying a poolside henna ceremony to get you to thinking: Can I also work remotely and enjoy life to the fullest? The answer is yes, my friend. 🙂

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