Slack, the technology platform of the week for SmartWorkers

Slack, the technology platform of the week for SmartWorkers

17th June 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

In order to maintain control and work efficiently, we need tools that are modern and seamless, which is why our technology platform of the week goes to Slack.

What is slack?

Slack is a place ‘where work happens’, unlike emails and other forms of communication, Slack is capable of running multiple conversations at once, whether it’s a personal message to your boss or a joint thread to all your staff.

The threads make it easy to organize work, allowing you to have a thread for ‘marketing’, ‘finance’ or anything else you’d like to discuss. Having threads make it easier to see what work needed doing for that particular sector.

This platform makes communication simple, it’s easy to message other team members, as well as save time by allowing people to collaborate together.

In addition, you can share these thread/ channels with companies you regularly work with, like clients, vendors, and partners. Furthermore, you can talk via messaging, voice video call or share your screen.

To learn more about Slack, please click the link. Looking for other product recommendations? Why not try Trello.

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