Remote Working & Mental Health

Remote Working & Mental Health

14th June 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

Our mental health is something we all often take for granted, we keep ourselves busy constantly, and at work, this is no different.

Busi-ness, or ‘business’ doesn’t always allow us to work to our full potential. Often we will hit a peak where we can’t mentally take much more and we crave quiet, when this happens at work, our productivity decreases and we often find ourselves staring out of the office window wondering what else is out there.

We can tell you what else is out there…

#SmartWorkers are individuals that have taken themselves out of the 9-5 routine. When you decide to become a remote worker, you decide it’s time for some balance. You choose to create a better work/ life harmony, one that allows you to blossom as an individual and as a business professional.

Remote working has many misconceptions surrounding it, but this is often because people fear what they don’t know, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a basic survival instinct. Unfortunately, fear can also hold us back and leave us feeling caged with no way out, however, life truly is a journey, not a commute.

What about social isolation?

If we return to the ‘busi-ness’, you’ll understand why people are prone to feeling isolated when they begin remote working.

On a day-to-day basis at work and even at home, we’re constantly filling our brains with information. At work, our minds are often processing information non-stop, not just with your workload, but everything that is going on around us. The noise, the chit chat- we never really get a break. Even once we’re home, some of us will watch TV or sit scrolling on our phones- at this point, we’re still filling our minds with information.

By coming away from a busy environment, we’re not processing as much information and it allows some quiet. However, as we’re not used to so much quiet, it can leave us feeling a little ‘lost’. One way to combat this is to simply embrace the quiet when we start feeling isolated or lost, it’s important to close our eyes and just enjoy the quiet around us for a couple of minutes. Eventually, you will become accustomed to it, rather than ‘training a new muscle’ (so to speak), we’re actually relaxing it. When you begin to embrace the quiet and not see it as isolating, your creative juices will flow more as there’s less resistance in the mind.

This isn’t to say you have to embrace it all the time, for a happy life, it’s all about balance. Therefore, enjoy the quiet but also enjoy your new life. Take your laptop to a coffee shop for a couple of hours, or meet friends for lunch. If the weather allows, work outside in the garden or in nature if you can get a WIFI connection on the go as nature helps us ‘reconnect’.

In time, you’ll learn what works best for you and you will find your balance with #SmartWorking.

How do I become a #SmartWorker?

SmartWorking isn’t about joining a community, it’s about finding yourself by achieving balance.

It’s no secret that there are many scams out there offering ‘work at home’ jobs that have no return or try to make you pay sign-up fees. However, Abodoo is different.

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