Remote Working for Businesses

Remote Working for Businesses

16th April 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

Remote working jobs are on the rise with around 1.5million workers in the UK working remotely already. As a result, businesses now have to take remote working seriously as more workers now prefer jobs that offer more flexibility.

Modern businesses are increasingly challenged to keep pace with the growing expectations of their workforce. However, in order for businesses to retain talent and hire the best people for the job. It’s important to be able to offer additional benefits to potential employees that are in line with the changing demands.

One thing we can’t deny is that the modern workforce is more diverse than ever, benefitting from the expertise of employees from all walks of life, from different ages and backgrounds. But many businesses are only able to hire a very small percentage of this talent.

When applicants apply for an office role, the people that apply for those roles often live in proximity to the business. This means that the talent you hire is limited to location.

Workplace change is here and businesses need to wake up and jump on the opportunity to get ahead of their competitors. But it’s not just your workforce that’s evolving; it’s also the way they’re working. The rise of remote working solutions and complete connectivity among devices and networks means the traditional 9-5 culture is becoming increasingly out-dated and unnecessary. In addition, as today’s graduates enter the workforce, they are looking for alternative work styles.

Modern and newer businesses find it easier to adapt to these changes and put SmartWorking solutions in places, however, older and larger businesses often find it more challenging. For many companies where remote working is a new concept, it sometimes comes down to a matter of trust, but if you don’t have trust with your employees, why did you hire them in the first place?

SmartWorking may seem like a scary concept, but there are major benefits for businesses. These benefits include saving money, hiring / retaining the best staff, increased productivity, happier staff, fewer sick days and more!

If you’re interested in SmartWorking but need further advice, please contact us. Abodoo are the SmartWorking specialists and we can offer advice on how your business can start its SmartWorking journey.