Our 5 Most Read Articles of 2018

Our 5 Most Read Articles of 2018

2nd January 2019 Off By Vithoria Escobar

New Year is here with us and we couldn’t resist doing a list of our most popular articles in 2018. We want to thank all of our readers for all the support and we promise you some amazing content for 2019!

#5 Revealed: Top 10 Highest Paying Remote Jobs

Top 10 Highest Paying Remote Jobs

Worried about your salary if you ever moved to Smart Working? After reading this article, you won’t be. We compiled a list of which remote positions are the most profitable and the results are fascinating. It shows us how wide-ranging and popular SmartWorking has become over the years.

#4 LIVE: Smart Villages & Co-Working Hubs Initiatives | Abodoo SmartWorking

LIVE: Smart Villages & Co-Working Hubs Initiatives

Our campaign to support Rural Regeneration in Ireland. As you know, at Abodoo we’re passionate about all things SmartWorking so we’ve launched Smart Villages and Co-Working Hubs initiatives in 2018 to support the regeneration of rural towns.

 #3 Cut the Commute and the Skills Gap: Our Solution to Green Jobs

Our Solution to Green Jobs

Closing the #SkillsGap, Cutting the Commute, Green Jobs & Reducing Carbon Emissions – this article covers it all & explains how #SmartWorking can be the solution.

#2 Ireland’s Best Workplaces 2018

Ireland's Best Workplaces 2018

What makes a workplace appealing to you? Ireland’s Best Workplaces have been named! And we are not one bit surprised. From information technology to financial services – we’ve got it! Check our list and name your favorite.

#1 Dublin has it all: Rural Regions to lure jobs from the capital

Rural Regions to Lure Jobs from the Capital

Rural Regeneration and Smart Villages received a lot of our attention in 2018. Especially because in 2018 we’ve launched amazing initiatives dedicated to the supporting the regeneration of rural towns and communities as viable locations to work. Our most-clicked articles speak about how companies are beginning to recognize talent pools and infrastructure in Irish rural regions. It is a topic very close to our hearts so we’re delighted to have our readers support 🙂