How We Help Your Business’s Image

How We Help Your Business’s Image

5th June 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

If you hire remote workers, you’ll understand the many benefits of #SmartWorking, including increased performance and productivity as well as decreasing business costs. But did you know, by hiring remote workers with Abodoo, you can actually help your overall business image!

Reduces your unconscious Bias

If you think back to previous interviews you have conducted, have you ever found yourself wondering what the interviewer will look like, or if they have the right image for your business?

In a professional environment, a person’s image can often seem as important as the work they produce. People who identify with minorities are subject to workplace discrimination if supervisors cannot separate talent from image.

Unconscious bias in the workplace limits perspectives and growth opportunities in business. The more aware of our biases the more we stimulate our mind to make conscious and informed decisions. It is proven that supporting a diverse work culture impacts on better results, collaboration and innovation, engaged workforce and diverse talents.

Business’ all over the globe are becoming more and more conscious of being diverse and Abodoo can support this mission. Abodoo is a RaaS cloud technology platform that matches you with the best SmartWorkers, focusing firstly on an individuals skill’s and experience rather than their age, gender or ethnicity. We help you correct unconscious bias within your company.

Decreases your Carbon Footprint

We can’t ignore the reality of climate change any longer. Temperatures are increasing as we speak and reports already predict a temperature rise of 3.2C by the end of our century. Although the number is small, the damage that will bring to life and our planet are gigantic.

Countries must take action now if they want to slow down the consequences. Carbon emissions must drop 55% just to steady the temperatures. That’s why countries around the globe are adopting carbon emissions policies and improving their environmental laws.

Flexible working doesn’t just benefit employees and organizations. It has a positive impact on the planet too!
If the number of people commuting to work every day goes down, that means lesser cars on the roads, lesser stress on public transport facilities and hence, reduced pollution.

We believe Abodoo is a  great opportunity for leaders to develop new skills and a new mindset. A change of attitude today can have an advantageous impact in the future of your business. 

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