How to spot a ‘scam’ remote working job

How to spot a ‘scam’ remote working job

21st June 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

One of the challenges we have at Abodoo is that candidates aren’t always trusting when it comes to remote working jobs. But why?

Unfortunately, the reason for this is that they’ve often been misled previously. They’ve seen a remote working job advertised online and it’s turned out not to be the dream job they wanted, or they’ve paid for a sign-up fee and it turns out to be a scam.

They often say, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. This isn’t always the case and the hope people have at finding the perfect job with flexibility means they often become easier targets of these false advertisements.

But it’s important not to get too ahead of yourself and think for a minute before applying for the position. We’ve written a small guide to staying away from misleading jobs.

Do your research

When you see a job advertised by a company or person, it’s important to research the company they claim to work for. Many fraudulent jobs will ask for your WhatsApp or contact number and then ask for your personal and even bank details. Before you send over any personal information, do a background check, look for reviews and information about the company. Also, check the person you’re actually speaking to works for that company, unfortunately, some of these scams use legitimate company names without the company actually knowing.

In the UK, you can check companies using:

For the US, Mexico and Canada, you can check a company on:

Never send money

The biggest motivator behind these fake jobs is money. With any remote working job, you should not have to pay a sign-up for or send money for any equipment etc. There may be some incurred charges such as uniform, however, this should be clear from the start. Where you do incur charges, you would personally pay for the item/s and then send the company a receipt to claim back expenses, but you would have control over what the money is spent on and then claim it back.

Keep your details safe

You will often find with scam jobs that they care little about your experience or skills. They may ask you some questions about them, but their main goal is to obtain your personal details. If you apply for a position and are asked in a follow-up email to provide personal details like your National insurance / social security number, full address or bank details. It can be a clear indicator of their priorities. Genuine companies want to know about your skills and experience, not your personal details.

While an application form isn’t always out of the ordinary, you should read it carefully and be careful over what information you’re providing. Ideally, just like with any other job, you should not be asked for any personal details until you have been interviewed and offered the position. This is because companies shouldn’t need your details unless you’re filling out tax forms or completing a background check.

Check the email address

You should always be suspicious of an email address without a clear company name. For example, our staff all use ‘Name’ This is so that when we contact anyone, they know which company is contacting them.

Reputation and branding weigh heavily on realizing if the position is a scam. It’s important to note that new start-up companies may use personal emails to conduct business at the beginning, especially via Outlook or Gmail. However, they should be able to provide you with at least one company email domain address or contact.

Do they have a website & social media?

Many businesses now have websites and social media channels set up. If a scam job tells you they work for a particular business, try and find their website and see what their online presence is like. If you do find a website, check that they actually work there, many companies have an ‘about us’ section that includes team members. In addition, if they are business professionals, they will more than likely have a LinkedIn profile set up with many connections. Furthermore, it’s important to be aware of how long they’ve been using the platform and if the profiles are relatively new.

Read the job descriptions carefully

If you’ve just seen a job advert with a couple of lines of text about the job, ask them for a job description. One of the major giveaways is the quality of the job description and requirements.

Read the job description and look for information about your daily responsibilities. Job postings should include information about the company and how the role fits within the larger services offered by the business. If you’re offered bare minimum information about the company and the job itself, this should have alarm bells ringing.


If you’re offered an interview, be aware of jobs that ask for the interview via instant messaging. While remote working job interviews are often completed via video calls, any interviews that aren’t face-to-face either online or in person should give you an indication of whether the position is real or not.

Trust your instincts

Your intuition is often the best source for figuring out if a job is a scam or not. Your gut instinct will make you feel uneasy applying for the position, don’t ignore this instinct. If the job feels ‘off’, then it may well be. Do your research and if that doesn’t help ease the anxiety around the position, then it would be best not to apply or send any information.

How is Abodoo different?

Abodoo Jobs is a platform that only advertises remote working positions. The jobs we advertise are from reputable companies and are often global leaders in their industry. Our clients all pay to advertise their jobs with us, which means, scam jobs don’t appear on our network as they can’t be posted for free.

When you register with Abodoo, you create a profile and fill in your details about your experience and skills. As our platform uses a very clever algorithm, you will then ONLY be matched with jobs that match your skill set and experience. This is stop companies receiving too many applications from candidates that don’t have the right skills, but it also allows potential candidates to remain completely anonymous until you’re invited to the interview stage. This is to reduce unconscious bias in hiring, meaning it doesn’t matter what age you are, what ethnic background you come from or if you have a disability etc, you’re only hired based on what you bring to the table in terms of experience and skills.

Our remote working jobs range from full-time, part-time to earn around your current job. However, as they’re all with major brands, once you’ve had the interview and been through the process, you realize that your dream position truly does exist.

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