How To Set Up An Account With Abodoo

How To Set Up An Account With Abodoo

22nd May 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

Follow these steps to set up an account with Abodoo

1. Create profile

Firstly, register for an Abodoo account.

It’s important that you complete your Profile set-up in order to start receiving job matches. Take 8-10 mins to add as much content about yourself as possible.


  • Add multiple hard skills and the approximate years of experience for each.
  • Make your About Me section engaging and Interesting. It’s the first thing employers will read about you.
  • Don’t forget to upload your CV/Resume. Employers will want to see this too.

2. Receive matches

There is no job searching or endless listings on Abodoo. Your profile is all you’ll need to start receiving only relevant matches in your personal dashboard. Edit anytime and stay up to date with employer invitations.

Not receiving matches? Your profile information is how we match you to opportunities. The more detail you provide, the better and more accurate the matches. You will also only be matched with jobs for the skills you provide.

i.e To be matched with a technical support role, you will need to have mandatory skills for ‘troubleshooting’ & ‘troubleshooting hardware’, with soft skills such as ’empathy’, ‘critical thinking’ and ‘self-management’ etc.

3. Accept Interviews

We do things a little differently here. Your profile will remain anonymous until you are smart matched and invited to the interview process. We do this to reduce unconscious bias in hiring. Your skills are what matters!

Within minutes, you could be invited to your dream job with onsite job matching typically within 24hrs. No matches?

No more office

At Abodoo we provide options to both professionals and companies looking to benefit from the energy & experience of co-working or keeping the work at home or even a blend of spaces. The selection is wider than ever before.


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