Abodoo – Launch of New Work Junction’s Remote Worker Hub

Abodoo – Launch of New Work Junction’s Remote Worker Hub

21st February 2019 Off By Priyanka Athavale

Abodoo is thrilled to be a part of New Work Junction’s launch of its latest remote worker hub in Carlow on the 20th of March, 2019. Our co-founder Vanessa Tierney will be present, enlightening attendees about our talent heat mapping process. Abodoo’s talent heat map enables companies to connect with talented potential employees who are based outside the immediate geographical vicinity of the organisation.

Quitting the Commute – The Remote Worker Hub

The primary objective of this event is to participate in the change that is taking place in the employment market today. This new remote worker hub aims to add momentum to the transformation which companies and commuters have to embrace. The concept revolves around making organisations aware of the need to embrace this change to keep abreast with new-age companies that travel light – no office, less commuting, more work-life balance and a global talent pool.

New Work Junction

New Work Junction is a venture that provides co-working spaces for startups, SMEs, freelancers and remote workers. The company offers its services in Rathmines, Kilkenny, Wexford and now in Carlow. NWJs co-working spaces can be used by companies of all sizes, whether they have a solely remote workforce or a partially-flexible working team. It offers a number of flexible plans to cater to specific needs.

The event is open to everyone, companies and individuals who are willing and open to embracing this change. You can gain plenty of insight on talent heat mapping and the benefits of co-working hubs as well as hearing stories about the personal experiences of some of the speakers! There is immense opportunity to network and meet some like-minded folks at the event. And finally, grab a bite of some famous Carlow pizza!

As a bonus, attendees will receive a one week free trial at an NWJ co-working hub at Carlow, Kilkenny or Wexford!

Register for this event here without further ado because seats are filling up fast!