Abodoo Collaboration with Typetec on SmartWorking Report

Abodoo Collaboration with Typetec on SmartWorking Report

22nd February 2019 Off By Priyanka Athavale

Abodoo is delighted to announce our collaboration with Typetec on this in-depth, comprehensive report on SmartWorking. This whitepaper includes extensive research about the context of smart working, its benefits to both companies and employees, and how companies can start transforming to be a part of this change.

The Context of Smart Working

The driving force behind creating this report was the large-scale shift in today’s employment market. Workplaces and practices are moving from the quintessential 9-5 and embracing more flexible working options. Population shifts from rural to urban areas has caused geographical imbalances. This has had an effect on rural parts of Ireland. Likewise, employees are facing long and tedious commutes to work and the costs that accompany them. These are just some of the drivers for smart working.

The War For Talent Does Not Exist

For many years, we have heard that there is a war for talent, but that isn’t true. The only true barrier to reaching and attracting talented employees is geography. Smart working opens up avenues to connect to talented and skilled people across the globe by harnessing technology. This allows companies to find the right kind of skilled people to join their teams.

A Gist of the Report

This whitepaper talks about the various branches of smart working, right from how it came to be to where it is headed in the future. From what we found, it seems like this is the new way for companies to operate. It has immense benefits for employees and companies alike. And technology has made it that much easier to stay connected to a remote workforce daily and in real time.

Curious to know more about smart working?

Download the full report here!