Distractions At Home vs Distractions In the Office

Distractions At Home vs Distractions In the Office

14th June 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

Recruiting can be tedious. You’re up against a lot of competition in a limited talent pool, so how do you combat this?

There’s a shift in the air of recruitment and many businesses are still turning a blind eye to it. More employees are taking themselves out of the 9-5 grind in order to regain control of professional and personal growth, and businesses should be embracing this.

Employees that work remotely have increased productivity, as there are fewer distractions. Office politics and gossip are one of the many reasons that prevent a business from truly taking a step forward. No only does it create distractions, but it can also create negativity and unnecessary drama.

Understanding the working environment

When an employee works from home, they can control their environment, and by feeling in control of their surroundings, they are often a lot more in control when it comes to their work also. They produce higher quality work and do so with job satisfaction. Without the distractions and office politics, employees fall in love with their work again as it becomes their only focus. They can allow their creative juices to flow in an environment they feel safe and secure in- distraction free.

While you may be thinking- don’t remote workers have more distractions at home? Actually, no.

Remote workers understand the environment they work in at home, this means that when distractions do occur, they’re usually aware of when they will come and plan around it. This means the distractions are often dealt with a lot more quickly and doesn’t take too much focus away from their work.

As the distractions are predictable, when they do occur, it’s easier to deal with the distraction and then go back to your work- this isn’t the case in an office as distractions are unpredictable and can leave a person overthinking the issue. As it takes longer to resolve, it steals the focus of your employee for longer- meaning less productivity.

Office politics can result in employees feeling insecure or even worried about going to work if there’s conflict or negativity in the office. Being around negative people can also be emotionally draining. Sitting near people that say ‘what’s the point’, or ‘I hate this job’, can rub off on your other staff. Unfortunately, negativity can be detrimental to business and it shouldn’t be something you turn a blind eye to. Giving your employees the option to work at least one day from home can really boost the environment as it gives the must needed breaks from these environments.

We understand that it can be scary taking the plunge into the #SmartWorking world, but once you start taking the first steps, you understand that its not only the future of recruitment but also the best direction for your business.

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