2 World-Changing #SmartWorking Initiatives

2 World-Changing #SmartWorking Initiatives

20th December 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

#SmartWorking and improved technology are leading the change movement in how we work. More than just revolutionising offices and working spaces, we believe that #SmartWorking will drive positive and massive global changes.

For the Day 2 of our Christmas Countdown, we selected 2 initiatives developed by Abodoo we believe will change the world:

Smart Villages

Technology and connectivity will no longer be tethered to the big cities with the rise of Smart Villages. Smart Villages are community-led initiatives that aim to empower and revitalise rural areas through digital and social innovation.

Smart Villages are not simply an extension of the metropolis. They are mainly about people and valuing community. By developing local towns through digital communication and connectivity, Smart Villages give inhabitants the opportunity to build new and stronger forms of cooperation and inward investment.

The Power of Smart Villages:

  • With the development of Smart Villages, rural towns will become more attractive to local and foreign investors
  • Introduction of new and advanced technologies will stimulate social development and create new working tools
  • New technologies will create new working tools for stimulating education and social development
  • It will stimulate tourism, culture, new business and boost local economies
  • A massive cut of carbon emissions due to commuting to metropolitan regions 
  • Reduction of traffic levels
  • Expansions and integration of public transport
  • Greater career options and opportunities for job seekers and #SmartWorkers

As the name suggests, Smart Villages and Smart Working are smart solutions to global issues. So the combination of these two is a win-win. By collecting the skills and talent of individuals across local communities, Abodoo creates Talent Heat Maps to highlight the availability of skills and talent nationwide and internationally. Towns and counties can use these talent heat maps to promote their town to companies looking to expand or set up central offices to drive inward investment and enable companies to scale affordably by providing #SmartWorking opportunities to skilled talent.


We can’t ignore the reality of climate change any longer. Temperatures are increasing as we speak and reports already predict a temperature rise of 3.2C by the end of our century. Although the number is small, the damage that will bring to life and our planet are gigantic.

Countries must take action now if they want to slow down the consequences. Carbon emissions must drop 55% just to steady the temperatures. That’s why countries around the globe are adopting carbon emissions policies and improving their environmental laws.

Ireland is massively failing to reduce its carbon emissions. Countries in EU established carbon reduction goals (1%) for 2020 and Ireland is not even close to reaching it. Instead of reducing, the emissions have increased by 2 million tonnes. It represents a huge setback considering the advancements in Irish economy over the last years. Plus, Ireland will be facing EU fines up to €600 million per year until the target is met.

We wanted to find a solution to help tackle this , so we set up Abodoo’s #Mission AgainstEmissions. Our campaign is composed of two tangible solutions that will enable Ireland to reach its targets and overcome carbon emissions.. but only if it is supported by companies, government and shared by everyone to help promote awareness. They are:

Losing the Commute 

There are 260,000 companies active in Ireland today. A daily commuter creates 4,2 metric tonnes of CO2 per year. If just 1 worker for each company works from home once a week, we would be saving 1.1 million metric tones of carbon emission per year. Imagine.. just 1 person per company can make such an incredible difference!

E-Worker Allowance  

According to the Revenue website, employers are allowed to make payments up to €3.20 per day to e-Workers without deducting PAYE, PRSI, or USC. Considering the 260k companies in Ireland, the Government would be paying around 30 million annually in e-Worker allowance if every company availed of it. This investment is a strategy that could save Ireland up to €600 million in fines for not reaching their targets. Plus, the savings can be directed to infrastructure, housing, education and of course, Smart Villages.

To summarise, if every company availed of the e-worker allowance, it would cost the government €30 million BUT it could save the country and tax payers up to €570 million in fines!

We developed Smart Villages and #MissionAgainstEmissions initiatives to drive global change. That’s our mission here at Abodoo. We’re building a global #SmartWorking community, to empower people and cities with technology, innovation, and a greener environment. Businesses also benefit through increased productivity, lower costs and unlimited access to talent.

If want to be part of creating a brighter future for yourselves, next generations and our planet, join us by registering on Abodoo.com today!


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