Companies that refuse to hire remote workers are only harming themselves

Companies that refuse to hire remote workers are only harming themselves

3rd July 2019 Off By Cassie Cain

The majority of graduates and even older employees are now choosing to ditch their companies with 9-5 office jobs for #SmartWorking. Employees are choosing to have a better work/ life balance in order to take control of their career.

Many Businesses have since realized this and have begun to hire remote workers. By hiring remote workers, many businesses see an increase in productivity, staff performance and better quality of work. This is because remote workers generally have better job satisfaction and put more passion into their work.

Why is remote working important?

When you only hire full-time office-based workers, you hire based on location. This limits you to the amount of talent in a selected area. Meaning you hire on convenience rather than on the skill.

Remote working or ‘SmartWorking’ is no longer a benefit reserved for select employees. More businesses understand the need to implement SmartWorking into their business in order to hire and retain the best talent.

When companies hire remote workers, not only do they hire the best talent, but they also reap the other benefits of SmartWorking.

Fewer Distractions

In addition to this, remote workers face fewer distractions at home. When an employee works from home, they can control their environment, and by feeling in control of their surroundings, they are often a lot more in control when it comes to their work also. They produce higher quality work and do so with job satisfaction. Without the distractions and office politics, employees fall in love with their work again as it becomes their only focus. They can allow their creative juices to flow in an environment they feel safe and secure in- distraction free.

Remote workers understand the environment they work in at home, this means that when distractions do occur, they’re usually aware of when they will come and plan around it. This means the distractions are often dealt with a lot more quickly and doesn’t take too much focus away from their work.

As the distractions are predictable, when they do occur, it’s easier to deal with the distraction and then go back to your work- this isn’t the case in an office as distractions are unpredictable and can leave a person overthinking the issue. As it takes longer to resolve, it steals the focus of your employee for longer- meaning less productivity.

Better retention & fewer sick days

The cost of replacing an employee can be colossal to any business. Recruiting and training new employees involves time and resources, so you want to be sure that new employees will actually stick around.

Remote work goes a huge way to improve this – research reveals that 95% of companies report that remote working has a big positive effect on employee retention – not surprising when you consider that two-thirds of workers say they’d take a new job if it had a better commute!

In addition, remote workers statically have very few sick days.

It’s Greener

We live in an age of heightened environmental awareness, and businesses are increasingly called upon to introduce greener strategies into their operations. Remote working can help reduce the carbon footprint of your business, which is why it’s important to consider the environmental benefits of working remotely.

Businesses Save Money

Office space is the most obvious saving that businesses will make. When businesses switch to fully hiring remote workers, studies have shown that a business could save an estimated $10,000 per employee per year in real estate costs alone!

Businesses could save an estimated $10,000 per employee per year in real estate costs alone!

In addition, further savings can be made from office supplies; furniture, janitorial services, and electricity are all reduced.

Furthermore, according to Global Workplace Analytics, Unscheduled absences such as these can cost a business up to $1,800 per employee per year,

While there are overhead costs of managing remote workers, the reduced business costs allow you to put this money back into your business.

Reduces your unconscious Bias

If you think back to previous interviews you have conducted, have you ever found yourself wondering what the interviewer will look like, or if they have the right image for your business?

In a professional environment, a person’s image can often seem as important as the work they produce. People who identify with minorities are subject to workplace discrimination if supervisors cannot separate talent from image.

Unconscious bias in the workplace limits perspectives and growth opportunities in business. The more aware of our biases the more we stimulate our mind to make conscious and informed decisions. It is proven that supporting a diverse work culture impacts on better results, collaboration and innovation, engaged workforce and diverse talents.

Business’ all over the globe are becoming more and more conscious of being diverse and Abodoo can support this mission. Abodoo is a RaaS cloud technology platform that matches you with the best SmartWorkers, focusing firstly on an individuals skill’s and experience rather than their age, gender or ethnicity. We help you correct unconscious bias within your company.

How can Abodoo help your business?

At Abodoo we believe that a diverse workforce is key for businesses to reach their highest potential. By registering with us, we offer companies a matching skills platform connecting companies with a range of #SmartWorkers. We value skills and individuals’ profiles are anonymous to enhance and guarantee a more fair and impartial screening and hiring process.

Diversity and inclusion is challenging. We’re here to help your company reach its goals. Abodoo’s #SmartWorking platform is a chance to include a diverse set of people to ensure diverse ideas and drive innovation.

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