Choosing Office Space: The World is your Oyster

Choosing Office Space: The World is your Oyster

19th September 2018 Off By Chloe Sullivan

“Employers should focus on their employees output rather than their location. Rather than worrying about the number of hours people are sitting at a desk, they should be worrying about what they’re producing.”

And we couldn’t agree more!

This week, we took a closer look at one of Idealog’s latest articles, which included some of the most recognised #RemoteRoles to date including:

  • The Remote Professor
  • The Nomadic Exec
  • Manager from Home
  • The Remote Lawyer

And last but not least, our favourite,  Consultant on a BEACH”

Ideolog interviews Scott Lawrie, a Scottish ‘brand voice consultant’ who lives in a compact, modern home in Pakari with a small mezzanine office overlooking the beach. In recent times, he has worked from home and travelled to meet clients around the globe for his new consultancy, Voice Boxed.

For Lawrie, it seemed to be a practical decision. Productivity suffered as a result of spending too much time sitting in the car. And as he very well put it:

“There’s not a lot you can do on the road at 100kms an hour.”

But it’s not just the commute that set Lawrie thinking. In terms of the traditional office environment, he found it less and less conducive to actually getting work done and there is an over-reliance on meetings. Between small talk, intros, coffee, going over time and interruptions – valuable meeting time is in fact limited.

We understand that working from a beach may sound a little too far removed from reality to many, but it shows that the possibilities for creating your own individual workspace are endless. It highlights the idea that with present day technology, we should not be limited to one single office space.

Many individuals strive to keep relaxation areas completely separate to work areas, but if you can not afford to leave your work for long periods, the ability to take your work with you to your holiday home means that you can set aside time for the job and still enjoy down time in your favourite place!

The future of work will not be confined to one office space. We are moving beyond old traditions and embracing new changes!

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