Abodoo – The World Employment Conference – NRF

Abodoo – The World Employment Conference – NRF

3rd June 2018 Off By Louise O'Conor

Co-founder Vanessa Tierney will be speaking at this year’s World Employment Conference in Dublin on 6th – 8th June!

Don’t miss it!

Theme: “Managing the extended workforce”

Talent-as-a-service: How to navigate a new just-in-time, on-demand workforce ecosystem?

Today, a company’s workforce is very likely to be a group of people from an extended ecosystem: internal employees, agency workers, fixed-term workers, consultants, freelancers, on-line workers, alliance partners etc.

While this biodiversity of the jobs market needs to be nurtured, it is also creating new challenges for companies in terms of sourcing the right talents, ensuring that they collaborate seamlessly, developing a skills strategy to develop them and implementing HR policies to keep them engaged. Companies need to develop a broader talent strategy that acknowledges the new diversity within the workplace and reflects the growing number of non-employee active contributors of the organisation. This will serve two essential competitive capabilities: access to specialised skills to staff project-based work and agility in the face of volatile and complex business environment.

The employment industry has been at the forefront for designing and delivering new diverse and integrated workforce solutions. The 2018 World Employment Confederation Conference will bring together a widely ranged high-calibre keynote speaker line-up drawing from experts from the employment and recruitment industry, HR practitioners, academics and policy makers in order to explore the rise of an extended, just-in-time workforce and to seize new approaches and opportunities.

Topics to be discussed at World Employment Conference  include:

  • How to source and acquire talents, whether by buying (direct, permanent hires), borrowing (temporary workers), renting (SOW, independent contractors) or building (developing talents internally) channels? How to avoid legal risks associated with the use of self-employed workers?
  • How to manage an extended workforce and facilitate interaction among the diversity of workers? How to measure performance of a multicultural team comprised of different types of contracts and statuses? How to ensure that project-based workers are as engaged and top-performing as the permanent workforce? How to integrate both internal and external workers via unified HR processes and systems within user companies? What could be the role for social medias and HR information systems in creating a sense of community between diverse workers?
  • How to ensure that the extended workforce owns and develops the right skills? How to implement a strategy that is quickly closing skill gaps to avoid negative business impacts? To what extent the rise of an extended workforce affects the scope, the tasks and the expertise of the HR function?
  • How to build new forms of security and predictability for workers who are dispersed, remote, independent with protean career? How to think about internal mobility and career advancement opportunities and offer the extended workforce new assignments or projects based on their skills, performance and career aspirations? What kind of social innovations can be implemented to reconcile with the need for some predictability in terms of incomes and access to social protection?

The World Employment Conference