Top 10 on EU Startups List

Top 10 on EU Startups List

19th February 2019 Off By Louise O'Conor

So excited to have been listed as one of Ireland’s Top 10 Startups to watch by EU Startups 2019!

Opening paragraph describes the challenges startups face with Ireland’s high cost of living but what they don’t mention is the incredible support network and ecosystem for which we’re so grateful.

Intro paragraph::

“The island of green hills, rocky coasts, friendly people, sheep, and pubs, has also become Europe’s headquarters and tax haven for tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft – driving rents up in the country’s capital.

The existence of these giants, coupled with a high cost of living may be making it harder for emerging tech startups to attract talent in Dublin, perhaps accounting for the relatively low number of tech startups in this very rural nation of less than 5 million people. Unlike in many other countries, venture capital actually fell in the country in 2018; according to Pitchbook data there was €553 million invested in Irish startups in 2016, down from a peak of €632 million in 2016.

Yet, with Brexit on the horizon, we may see more EU startups relocating to Ireland in the coming years.”

Full List Available Here