PRESS: Sunday Business Post – Abodoo Remote Working Platform

PRESS: Sunday Business Post – Abodoo Remote Working Platform

27th January 2019 Off By Louise O'Conor

In today’s Sunday Business Post, our CEO Sue Marshall speaks with Colette Sexton about the increasing demand for remote and smart working across companies and countries.

They also discuss our €300K investment into V2 of our smart matching careers platform and why we’re looking to raise between €6-10 Million in VC funding in the next few months to expand our existing markets from Ireland and the UK, into the US.

“When you register on, you are matched based on your skills and not necessarily location. Profiles are anonymous which reduces the unconscious bias (such as gender, age , ethnicity etc) from the screening process, supporting a more diverse and inclusive workforce.”

“With over 20,000 members in less than 1 year, actively seeking flexible options, we know this is the future and as more companies realise the numerous benefits associated with SmartWorking and flexibility, the greater communities will grow globally” Sue Marshall, CEO

You can read the full article here: Remote Working Platform Makes Hay After in Bad Weather 

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