Irish Times Talent Summit Interview

Irish Times Talent Summit Interview

22nd February 2019 Off By Louise O'Conor

Pick up your copy of this week’s Irish Times and check our the Talent Summit Magazine!

In this week’s Irish Times, Vanessa Tierney is asked what employers can do to ensure discretionary effort of flexible/ remote workers?

Here’s a short snippet of her reply:

“Trust between the employer and the employee, be it from home, hub, hybrid or fully office based, is critical to any working relationship. However, for businesses who in the past have relied heavily on presenteeism and are now embracing new ways of working, it is important to remember that trust works both ways.

The employer needs to feel confident that their employees will work independently to achieve their goals. Similarly, the employee must trust their employer to support, communicate and guide them in planning and setting expectations.” Vanessa Tierney, Co-Founder

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