How to stay ‘on brand’ when working from home

9th December 2020 Off By Vithoria Escobar

They might be miles away from the office, but there are things remote workers can do to maintain a connection to the company they work for.

For workers and managers alike, it makes good sense for dispersed teams to feel a connection to the brand. Let’s look at it from both perspectives:

From a manager’s point of view, a remote workforce that feels connected to the brand and its values ensures a consistency in messaging when those workers are dealing with clients and customers. In a best-case scenario, on-brand employees working from home are ambassadors for the company and all that it stands for – and they feel like part of a happy, thriving workforce, too.

For employees, feeling connected to the company and whatever makes it tick can help to reinforce the feeling that they’re not just some forgotten employee working from a back bedroom. There’s a sense of unity and shared goals when this happens, and it can be motivational and comforting.

Abodoo partner Yonderdesk – a 3D virtual workplace that gives both in-office and remote workers a sense of unity and of ‘being there’ – was designed to help maintain that sense of brand that is so easily lost when people start working from home.

With virtual offices decorated in company colours and branded communal/reception areas, it’s an innovative way to help remote workers maintain a connection to the company they work for. But there are other things that businesses can do to help their remote workers feel like part of a team, too.

1 Ask what the company stands for

Remembering the answer to this key question should throw up a raft of opportunities – if your company is known as a fun company, for example, and your mission statement is all about enriching the lives of both clients and employees, then there are numerous ways to help remote workers stay on-brand.

Let them show other members their workspace via short Zoom walk-throughs. Hold fun daily challenges or host an after-work video game league (with a company-branded leader board).

If your company has social good at heart, offer to donate to a charity on a weekly basis on behalf of remote workers, and let them see how their collective efforts are making a difference.

2 Keep everyone in the loop

Without being corporate about it, managers have the opportunity to keep dispersed employees informed about the things they’re missing out on by not being in the office. Have a budding writer within the group who is naturally funny put together a weekly round-up of everyone’s news. Then send it out to everyone.

Remember to sing about good news, too – let the team see how their efforts are helping the company.

3 Don’t forget the perks

They might not seem like much at the time, but those in-office perks like free coffee and the occasional social night are often quickly missed by remote workers. Managers and HR can bring perks to remote employees in any number of ways, from sending out treats by post to providing digital goodies such as Spotify membership.

4 Value remote workers’ input

One of the most important things a leadership team can do to help remote workers stay within the company’s halo is to listen to them. Invite feedback, ask for opinions, seek their input in mini-polls. It’s all too easy for remote workers to disappear from the conversation, so keep reaching out to them so that they feel valued.