How to be Globally Competitive

22nd December 2020 Off By Kaye Sinco

At times like these, it has been very challenging for most countries in the Asia Pacific. Millions are unemployed, there’s poverty, businesses are closing down, limited foreign investments, the lack of skilled health professionals, and deaths are among the highlights. The outlook may vary depending on the region but we all can agree that everyone has been affected. The government can only do so much to assist its people but despite this battle, some countries appear to come prepared. According to the Digital Competitiveness Ranking based on IMD WORLD COMPETITIVENESS CENTER, the following are the top 5 countries across the globe:

Here are the ranking of the APAC countries who took part in the survey:

The ranking relies on three factors: 

  • Knowledge – captures the intangible infrastructure necessary for the learning and discovery dimensions of technology.
  • Technology – quantifies the landscape of developing digital technologies
  • Future Readiness – examines the level of preparedness of an economy to assume its digital transformation. 

The IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking measures the capacity and readiness of 63 economies to adopt and explore digital technologies as a key driver for economic transformation in business, government and wider society. Countries that top the ranking were focused on building the talent and skills of its people. The question is, How can government organisations identify their evolving talent needs and attract and maintain the workforce that is crucial to addressing their ongoing challenges? 

Every government has its people, talent and skills but how do one uncover these great assets and what can it do for its economy?  We have recently launched Geonostics powered by Abodoo, which empowers local governments to solve unemployment challenges and attract FDI using smart AI-driven Skills Data Intelligence Technology. The economical impact our platform brings to local governments are the following:

  • Attract foreign direct investment for office and remote jobs
  • Create jobs locally, nationally, and globally from region
  • Strategically plan digital hubs around skills clusters
  • Reverse migration and attract digital nomads
  • Stimulate sustainable local economies through remote and regional working

Abodoo maps key intelligence by capturing relevant, live data on talent skills & experience in a region. It can identify skills clusters and skills gaps, pin-point locations in need of Digi-hubs, coworking spaces, and housing, detail the level of education in an area and where graduates are taking and utilizing their skills after college, and allow job seekers to get jobs that are in their line of expertise – which will reduce underemployment. Abodoo not only provides you the smart & fast data in a granular level but helps you understand the current skills shortages in your region and your future talents needs while supplying you with a competitive edge.

As we continue to adjust to changing circumstances, it’s essential than ever to have access to the right data, at the right time and place. Leveraging this wealth of data involves starting with a strategy in mind – what do you want to do with your data? It also means ensuring you have the right technology solutions in place to get the job done. 

We look forward to seeing you rise above the ranks! 

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