Abodoo Welcomes Linda Kiely as Non-Executive Director

Abodoo Welcomes Linda Kiely as Non-Executive Director

25th March 2019 Off By Louise O'Conor

Linda Kiely, co-founder and Director of Business Excellence Outsourcer, Voxpro – powered by TELUS International has taken a Non-Executive Director role with Abodoo, the Recruitment Technology business. Linda Kiely worked to develop Voxpro and foster a business culture that embraces new technology and expert personnel. A strong factor in the strategic growth of Voxpro, her experience of growing a business to scale and entering new markets will be invaluable to the team at Abodoo.

Abodoo has gone from strength to strength since launching in Ireland in 2017, the UK in 2018 and preparing to launch its first campaign in the USA within the coming weeks. As an early stage seed investor in the business, Linda Kiely has been following the business progress closely and has been a strong advocate and advisor to the co-founders, Vanessa Tierney and Ben Wainwright during the crucial early stage growth. The team is delighted to formally welcome Linda Kiely
onto the board.

Vanessa Tierney, Co-Founder of Abodoo has found Linda’s informal input to date invaluable and felt that the invitation to join the board was a natural next step.

“We invited Linda Kiely to join the board and were thrilled when she accepted. Linda has been a great support to the team here, particularly during the very early stages following the investment back in January 2018.”

Vanessa is currently in discussions with a number of parties as Abodoo is looking to raise €6m for the next phase of growth and said:

“We have a strong management team here at Abodoo and Linda adds weight to that – both in terms of international expertise and rapid growth – both of which are critical to our future plans. Her experience will be invaluable and we are looking forward to working with Linda over the coming months and years.”

Linda added to Vanessa’s comments:

“I’m happy to join the board of Abodoo, not just because I believe it’s a great business, but also because it’s super to be able to support other female entrepreneurs in their endeavours to make a difference and to create meaningful employment.”