Press: Abodoo Calls on Irish employers to #GoRemote this Spring

Press: Abodoo Calls on Irish employers to #GoRemote this Spring

15th March 2018 Off By Louise O'Conor

Abodoo calls on Irish employers to GoRemote this spring

This March, Abodoo – an Irish tech company that promotes flexible and remote careers – is calling on employers across the country to create one remote job in their business.

The aim of the #GoRemote campaign is to show businesses, government and the wider public that remote working makes economic and environmental sense, and can vastly improve the quality of life for people throughout the country.

#GoRemote will show employers that, by hiring one remote worker or  allowing one current employee to work remotely, businesses can make an annual saving of €11,000 and can reduce carbon emissions by 4.7 tonnes per remote worker per year.

From the employee’s perspective, they can save between €2,000 and €7,000 annually in travel costs, as well as hundreds of hours of travel time – just by removing their daily commute.

Abodoo will be calling on national and local politicians to get behind #GoRemote and will ask the Government to set targets for businesses to embrace remote working, as has been done in the Philippines.

#GoRemote will launch with a creative photocall with co-founder of Abodoo, Vanessa Tierney, and the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD, in his home constituency of County Mayo. The photo will be taken at a scenic location in the county, where the Minister likes to work remotely.

In the event that Minister Ring is unavailable to launch the campaign, the next target to approach will be the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys TD.

A press release targeting national, business and local media will be issued with photographs from the launch, along with a tool-kit for employers on how to help their business #GoRemote.

This tool-kit will be developed by Abodoo to show employers the cost-savings of having a remote team; information about how to get started; locations of local hubs; and benefits for employees.

A digital component of the campaign will launch alongside the press campaign, encouraging people to tweet and share their favourite location to work remotely, using the hashtag #GoRemote. Infographics using statistics and information from the tool-kit will be shared online and used to target digital media.

In the weeks following the launch of the campaign, a roadshow of talks will take place, whereby Vanessa Tierney will engage with local businesses, business representative organisations and local politicians across the country.

Further information about the #GoRemote campaign is available from…

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