Europe’s Hottest StartUps 2019

Europe’s Hottest StartUps 2019

20th August 2019 Off By Ben Wainwright  has just announced the Europe’s Hottest StartUps list for Dublin 2019…

Startups are booming

An eclectic mix with Blockchain global aid projects, child speech recognition apps, and data mining with biotechnology, it is refreshing and exciting to see such a range of startups booming in Dublin with emphasis on improving the well being and health of others

The stage is set

What we have ahead of us is a true revolution in how technology is advancing and enabling anyone with an idea and sheer determination to bring it first to life and then (with dollops of luck and help) to the world stage. A hotbed of such activity inevitably breeds more creativity and risk taking and Dublin is clearly proving to be an incubator for this.

Delighted to be included

Like any startup we have had our fair share of the rollercoaster highs and lows that seem to be absolutely essential to the birth of any new business. There has never been a memoir that detailed the happy and easy rise and rise and rise of a new company and if there was it would be likely that only one copy would make it off the shelf. The inclusion onto a Startup list is a delight for us at Abodoo not least because it helps remind us that the outside world is still paying attention even when the level of internal concentration can be so intense. However, we should all remember to stand back and congratulate ourselves for what we do, have done, and will continue to do regardless of the outcome and obstacles we all face on a daily basis.

Brutal and Relentless

The world of a startup is brutal and relentless. Like the proverbial swan, there is some olympic level leg kicking going on underneath and often on a 24×7 basis. Rewards can be few and far between, but that’s not why we all got into this in the first place is it. That compelling and driving need to create what we believe in will continue to keep those hefty Cygnus thighs pumping away long into the night and beyond.

Raise a glass

So for all of those hot startups in Dublin and beyond, we raise a glass to you and please know that whenever things are supremely tough and even rock bottom feels precarious, there are a bunch of us feeling the same way and handing out virtual hugs, words of encouragement and scrabbling to make it onto that next list with you.