5 Must-Have Gifts For The SmartWorker In Your Life

5 Must-Have Gifts For The SmartWorker In Your Life

17th December 2018 Off By Vithoria Escobar

Have you finished Christmas shopping yet? In day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas Countdown, we give you the best gift ideas for #SmartWorkers.

The clock is ticking down to Christmas Day and the holiday shopping season is in full swing! Shopping for Christmas can be really fun, but it can also be stressful. Everyone has a different taste so It can be hard to get the perfect gift idea for everyone.

If you happen to have a SmartWorker in your life or if YOU are the SmartWorker in your life, we have the best tips to strike that Christmas present. A good choice is to find something that is fun and creative and that can be also productive for a #SmartWorking routine. Have a look on our 5 gift ideas for #SmartWorkers

1. Magnetic Organization System

SmartWorking means you’re surrounded by tech gadgets: USB, laptop charger, smartphone, smartphone charger, pen drive, the list is endless.

Tech gadgets are part of any #SmartWorking routine. USB, laptop, chargers, smartphone, keyboard, pen drive, the list is endless. We have to use them, charge them sometimes at the same time. Every now and then we find our workspace cluttered with all the wires and cords.

You can banish wires chaos from the SmartWorking life with this perfect gift idea. The Magnetic Organization System (MOS) is a portable magnetic surface to organize cables. It can be used or fixed on any surface. Whether SmartWorker works from home or coworking spaces, it’s the perfect solution to keep their working space tidy and cords free.

It’s the perfect solution for #SmartWorkers and it will make their gadgets and working space tidy and organized.

Gifts: Magnetic Organization System

2. Smart Wi-Fi Router

If you’re SmartWorker, you’re probably connected all the time with work demands, emails, Zoom calls. A good internet connection is our best friend. Unfortunately, every SmartWorker has to deal with those days that the internet is not connecting. You have to meet the deadlines and those situations just delay your work. So what do we do?

The kisslink router is a must-have for any SmartWorker. It’s a smart wireless router that ensures easy and high connection for all your devices. All you need to do is plug in the power and set up online. Once you’re set up, all your gadgets can go online with a simple touch.

By getting this gift, you’re making sure your #SmartWorker is connected and will never struggle with internet again. Isn’t that amazing?

Smart Wi-Fi Router

3. Skills Share

Gift vouchers are handy because you let the person choose what they want. However, if you want to go creative, you should definitely get your SmartWorker a subscription at SkillsShare.com. SkillsShare it’s a global online learning platform with over 20,000 classes from all kinds of categories. From technology to crafts, they can enjoy their hobbies but also expand their working skills.

It’s an excellent present that can improve their working life but also their mental health.They can watch a class of entrepreneurship and then watch one of yoga. It’s definitely a win-win.

Skills Share

4. Portable Keyboard

Sometimes typing on a small mobile screen can be tough. This  Key-To-Go Keyboard can expand the functions of your device and turn your smartphone into a laptop in a second. It allows you to type comfortably from anywhere. Also, ease up the typing errors. Any SmartWorker will love this gift. It’s a functional solution and will definitely make any SmartWorking life easier.

Gifts: Portable Keyboards

5. Solar Charger

That is a one of a kind Christmas present. You’re giving your favourite SmartWorker an endless source of energy for all their devices. With a solar charger you can charge your devices using – the sun! Now you can SmartWork from the beach, from the mountains, any place you’d like to and power will no longer be an issue. With this gift, SmartWorkers will forget those days you’re running around looking for plug.

Gifts: PowerTraveller Solar Charger


You can never go wrong with plants. After all, who doesn’t love plants? It’s a cheap and charming gift that will make any place beautiful and bright. Be near plants is a way to connect to nature and raise your spirit.

Christmas Plant Gifts