SmartWorking – It Starts with Leadership

19th February 2018 Off

A revolution is a sudden, complete or marked change in something. Find a common purpose and define it. What does it want to accomplish and why?  Create a clear and eloquent message that you can communicate and get others to embrace and deliver the change with you. Change can be difficult to manage. We have…

By Guest Blogger

The SmartWorking Workforce Model

13th January 2018 Off

The SmartWorking Workforce Model Business Leaders are changing their mind-set about the way they approach the employment of their people. Many have begun to tap into a new concept we have called The SmartWorking Workforce Model – a new and dynamic way of working. The rapid development of high-speed mobile data services, fixed-line broadband and cloud…

By Ruth Gawthorpe

Remote Working: It Comes Down to Trust

19th December 2017 Off

Abodoo C.E.O Sue Marshall explains why you should hire remote workers Here at we are big fans of #SmartWorking, it is integral to our working culture. It allows us to be more productive, more efficient and helps us reduce risk in our business by ensuring that we can stay fully operational even when staff…

By Sue Marshall